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The Dragon Whisperer

Book Cover: The Dragon Whisperer

In The Dragon Whisperer, Rylan, a young solitary dragon trainer, saves Emerald, a peculiar huge green dragon, from a vicious dragon trader. His only hope to rescue a noble girl with the dragon, kidnapped by the trader, hinges on the use of a secret gift—Rylan’s ability to communicate with dragons. As the quest unfolds, Rylan discovers a rebellious baron is behind the trader’s crime and Rylan stumbles upon a plot to overthrow the king. Emerald, an impatient, contrary, and sometimes humorous mythical dragon of old—an Ascendant Dragon—becomes Rylan’s mentor, and together they must try to save the girl and the kingdom.

Rylan and Emerald are joined by Elf siblings; a Skinshifter; and a stranger who declares he was sent by the Burning Lady, the Goddess of the Spirit world, to guide Rylan. A warrior, tracking the girl, grudgingly ends up traveling with them. During their journey, Rylan discovers the truth of his special gift and his link to the Burning Lady. This explains why the heat of dragons flows through Rylan’s veins, and the voices of ancient warrior ancestors called the Others, fill his head in times of trouble.

Tracking down the dragon trader is harder than Rylan expected. However, rescuing the girl is even more difficult when Rylan discovers that a creature from the vile Shadows of the Dark Lord, has joined forces with the dragon trader. A creature so powerful that Rylan and company quickly find themselves the hunted.

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