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Business Card

Updated 4/29/2016

Below is what I am looking to do for my new business card and would really appreciate additional feedback. Please be brutally honest as I want to put the best card out there that I can.

I didn’t know if the background was too much or if it should be a single color or gradient color?

Also wasn’t sure if the wording on the front and back is good or again, too much?

Biz Card Front cropped to 2 x 3 5








Biz Card Back cropped to 2 x 3 5 copy






  1. Is that you? You look like a wizard standing there. I think they are cool. Handing that to someone will make them feel this man’s a writer, wow look at his business cards. I love it, but you had me with the dragon. You have been an inspiration. Peter. Wishing you GOBS of success.

  2. The front doesn’t work – colorwise and also because the dragon and the man are missing shadows. If you want, I can adjust that for you. I just need the original art. You’ve got my eMail.

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