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A Story at the Snap of a Finger

Well, maybe not that quick, but that is what Lesson 3 is about. One of the things that Holly is trying to teach us is not just how to write a novel, but how to consistently write one novel after another. After all one great story idea, one great book, could be like Mambo Number Five by Lou Bega — a one hit wonder and could have just as easily have been nothing but pure dumb luck.…

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Okay this is not a description of my planned trilogy (at least I hope not).

“No! No! No! No!”

“Hush” Excuse me. Sorry for the interruption. Willow (see Meet Willow) was beating on my back and yelling in my ear.

“Now my dear, why don’t you have a seat and wait your turn.”…

Meet Willow

I want to introduce you to Willow, but after that I also wanted to tell you about an experience I recently had and how it relates to why I want to write novels.

So who is Willow? Well, if you have been following my blog so far you would know that much of the discussion has been about my Muse and my IE (Internal Editor), and their ongoing conflict (and believe me it is still ongoing).…

Why Can’t We All Get Along?

What a battle I have had this last week. My Muse and Internal Editor (IE) have been battling it out all week. I have been working on Lesson 2 in my class this last week (more information to come on this in the next Post) and have had some real difficulties.…

Obstacles – Muse and Editor

Alrighty-Ro (I was just thinking of the Jetsons’ dog Astro as I was writing that), we are off-and-running. So I finished the first class and I can tell already this isn’t going to be just any ordinary writing course. As the title says the first class was all about obstacles. As it turns out there are things I have been doing for the last 40 years that have thrown up obstacles in my ability to write.…

So It Starts!

I am going to be a Writer — so beware all you unsuspecting Readers. Well, at least that is the plan.

Ever since I was a teenager I wanted to be a Writer. To see my name on the cover of a book (actually several books)! Over the last mumble-mumble years I have started no less than five books.…

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