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When Characters Rebel

I finally got through with my yard work and sat down at the computer to work on one of my novels, when a screech sounded behind me. I nearly jumped out of my desk chair, but turned it instead to see what was making such a horrific sound.

Willow filled the doorway, a scowl on her face, and she had something in her hand that I couldn’t see around the door jam.

Ugly Voice

You would think that once I had published my first book, I would have complete confidence as I started the next book in the series. Well, wrong. It is true that I am more confident, but as an author friend of mine (Kirsten) termed it, the Ugly Voice, is still there telling me that I am not good enough.…

Dreams do come True

Have you ever been coming off an entrance ramp, onto a highway – one of those ramps where it starts out as two lanes, and then one of the lanes merges into the other so that the ramp narrows to only one lane before it dumps into the highway – and another driver next to you on the ramp, though further back than you and in the lane that is supposed to merge into your lane, suddenly guns their car and races past you barely squeezing into your lane before the ramp ends?…

Picard and the Borg

After a lot of thought (well at least the last week), I came to the conclusion that people are either Picards or Borgs.

“What are you talking about now?” My ever familiar – familiar, just popped in and of course the first thing she does is question my thoughts.

“I am talking about how people are different.”…


Old friends can be a blessing. One such old friend, who I have known for over 22 years, Hikaru, a professor of American Film and Theater from Japan, recently visited and we had a grand time.

“So that is why you’ve been ignoring me.” An accusing voice sounded behind me.

I could see her reflection in the computer monitor.…

Updated Maps

I saw that Dilys recently sent out another Character Description, this one on Casandra. Thanks Dilys.

I am nearly complete, if not totally finished, with the maps that will be going in Fire of the Covenant. I wanted to share those with my readers so they can see where all the action takes place… in just about two to three months (bet you can’t wait).…

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