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A Friend Indeed

I had heard the phrase A Friend Indeed is a Friend Indeed many times, but wasn’t sure of the meaning. So naturally being who I am I needed to look into what it meant. What I found out was that the actual phrase was a proverb by, Quintus Ennius,  from 3rd century BC, considered the father of Roman poetry, who wrote: Amicu certus in re incerta cernitur.…

Why Change the Title of the Blog

First off, in case you noticed (or maybe you didn’t), I changed the title of my Blog. It was fun when I started with Beware Readers! Writing in Training!, but after almost six months I thought I needed something more permanent and something that better encompassed me. So why It Is What It Is!

Milestone or Millstone

Twenty Thousand words. Probably 1/5th or 1/6th of the way through the first book of my series.  According to my Writer’s software, Scrivener, this translates to roughly 121 pages.

What a Milestone. So many words…From Me! Who would have thought when I started the first sentence. An actual story is unfolding, characters are coming to life, and I actually have a plot developing.…

Easy Reading IS DAMN Hard Writing

The title for this post is a quote from Nathanial Hawthorne who is most notably known for his dark romanticism and his major novels The Scarlet Letter(1850) and The House of the Seven Gables (1851). Though not a fan of his writings, this quote is right on. To make a story easy reading for your audience requires a LOT of hard work.…

“I’m totally crazy, I know that.”

I’m totally crazy, I know that. I don’t say that to be a smartass, but I know that that’s the very essence of what makes my work good. And I know my work is good. Not everybody likes it, that’s fine. I don’t do it for everybody. Or anybody. I do it because I can’t not do it.  

It was a Dark and Storm Night…

Well, I didn’t make it up — I have actually seen several books that start with this line or something very similar. Thank goodness my novel does not. Willow just gave me a look like it would be the last thing I ever did. I mean it worked well for Snoopy, even though he stole it from Victorian novelist Edward Bulwer-Lytton who used it as his opening sentence in his 1830 novel Paul Clifford.…

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