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What’s in a Name?

Peter has taken a break from writing his post, so I thought I would fill in. Oh sorry, let me introduce myself. My name is Willow. I am Peter’s Muse. I’m the one that makes him creative. Well he has a little to do with it, but without me he wouldn’t get very far.…

Elementary my Dear Readers

So, Lesson Six came and went. Basically as I have mentioned in the past, Holly is teaching us not only how to write a book, but how to have a successful writing career. Part of this is knowing your market, or what we would call the genre you want to target.…


Generally, this is what I yell after I have hit a really bad golf shot. Then I turn to my playing partners and announce that I am taking a Mulligan (or do-over). Now if you look this up in the official PGA “Professional Golfer’s Association” rules book you won’t find it listed.…

Under the Willow

“Okay, you go watch the golf tournament and I will find something to keep me busy”, I tried to be as nonchalant as possible with an air of breezy unconcern.

“Well, if you think it would be okay?” He wasn’t really sure about it, but he wanted to see how Woods was doing, so he shrugged his shoulders and said, “I won’t be long so if you need anything, let me know.”…


“It was your fault,” the gravel tone of the voice grating as ever, “it definitely was NOT mine.”

The deeper his voice became the higher her’s went up, “Don’t give me that. It was fine until you got involved.”

“Both of you stop,” I couldn’t believe they were arguing at a time like this, “we were all to blame.”…

Chaffing Thirty

Okay, finally finished Lesson Four — took foreverrrrrrrrrr! Why you say? You didn’t know you said that did you? I love inquiring minds. Well, since you asked, it was very difficult. Remember way back to Lesson Three where I had to come up with three story-lines based upon my mind map?…

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