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Betrayal for the Holidays

The second book in the Dragon-Called series is coming – are you ready for it?

The first book, Fire of the Covenant, received 4.8 Stars on Amazon and hundreds of readers have eagerly anticipated the continuation of the tale.

I am pleased to announce that Betrayal of the Covenant will be available in time to read over the 2016 winter holiday season. Picture yourself seated by a fireplace, a wine/coffee/soda on the table next to you as you read the first paragraph of the next book in this epic series:

It took Rowyn a moment to realize that the rapid tormented breathing he heard was his own. His chest pounded; his heart felt like it was being forged on a blacksmith’s anvil. He breathed deeply until the pounding lessened, then rolled over and pulled the blanket up over his shoulder. An instant later he rolled back to the other side. He yanked the blanket – it sounded like the crack of a branch snapping. Twisting onto his back, his eyes opened. He stared at the wood beams of the ceiling. Something tugged at his mind, but it wouldn’t manifest itself. Turning his head from side-to-side, he scanned the room and realized he did not recognize any of the furnishings. The walls were bare, the wood darkened as if burnt.

The exact release date for Betrayal of the Covenant is still being negotiated, but will be announced here when finalized.

Several readers have told me they planned to read Fire of the Covenant again before Betrayal came out, to reacquaint themselves with the characters. Others planned to just read the last part of Fire. If only reading part of the book, I would suggest picking up at Chapter 50 – it would still require you to read over 100 pages, but much less than the 500+ pages of the entire book.

If you have not read Fire of the Covenant, now is the time to get your copy. The Kindle and Nook versions have been reduced to $3.99. The paperback is available on Amazon or Barnes & Noble – alternatively an autographed copy can be purchased from il fennore publishing.

Betrayal of the Covenant

Description: Tracked by minions of the evil Shin-il priests, the Dragon-Called Twins, Rowyn and Willoe, journey on a quest to the Hoarfrost Mountains.  Lands rife with dangers, including savage Sköll Wolves and the fearsome Ice Giants. Mountains that may hide more than just the sought-after Sword and the Staff, devices created by dragons and rumored to control the Others and their Fire Within, while preventing one of the twins from dying to satisfy the Covenant.

Back at Westhedge, unrest stirs as it becomes clear that a newly self-crowned king, and his mentor that controls the throne, will do whatever is necessary to keep their tenuous hold on the Kingdom of Cainwen, the Twins homeland.

On the other side of Taran, the Kingdom of Haldane and the Ice Queen hold surprises that shatter everything the Twins believed about their past.

A lonely Priest must make unprecedented decisions that may have ramifications far beyond anything he could imagine.

The key to opposing the foreign Shin-il priests and taking back Taran lies in an all-out assault on Tierran’s Wall – built to be impregnable. Sellswords, Blood Stalkers and Shades, creatures as much dead as alive, will do anything to prevent the twins from succeeding. Unexpected allies may provide the help they need to overcome these obstacles, but an unimaginable betrayal may end the Covenant and destroy the twins ability to defeat the Great Evil, the Olcas Mogwai.

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