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Book Two Working Title

frustrated writerFor months I struggled to come up with a name for the next book in my Dragon-Called Legend series. It has been a frustrating experience as I have had to call the book simply, Book Two. Frustrated because the title of the book is important, even if is only a temporary name (I will be talking about this on my Personal Blog in the next day or so –…

So Where Did It Come From?

Curtesy of http://jodyhedlund.blogspot.comA question I often get is how did you come up with the story line for Fire of the Covenant.

The reality is that it was an intentional accident.

I was taking an on-line course with an author, Holly Lisle, and one of the exercises was to create three sentences, one each for three different story lines.…

Podcast Interview for Fire of the Covenant

Recently I was contacted by an Australian Book Blogger, Dave Kearney, and he asked if he could interview me over Skype. After some coordination (there is an 18 hour difference), we spent an hCourtesy of chatting about my writing experiences; about my first novel, Fire of the Covenant; my 40 year dream of becoming an  author and finally reaching it; along with more questions about my writing and my life. 

Revision on the Mountain Top

Peter in JulianSorry for not Posting more often. I have been working really hard on the Revision of Dragon Called (the new name for Book One of my series) and proud to say I am halfway through Revision. My lovely wife sent me away to the mountains for a week, for my $%@ Birthday, so I could power through the second quarter of the Revision process.…

Spiros and Magic

Hello again. It be told to me that you be peering around Taran and wanted to know more about our fair land. Soo what can Dilys be telling you now. What be your interest? What can I help you to understand?

You say you read in one of the website’s post (  that the story had a wee bit of magic.…

Why are You Writing this Book?

I had finally started my Revision and was plugging away. But unfortunately I wasn’t really doing it correctly. The idea for Lesson one of How To Revise Your Novel (HTRYN) is to read through your entire manuscript with some specific Worksheets nearby, making notes and associating specific pages and lines with notes on the Worksheets.…

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