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Picking the Write Path

As many of you know, for the last year I have struggled with finding a title for the second book in my Dragon-Called Legend series.forest Two months after the first book was published, Fire of the Covenant, I started the sequel. A month was spent roughing out major scenes, then I was able to sit down and start writing the actual follow-on story.…

So Where Did It Come From?

Curtesy of http://jodyhedlund.blogspot.comA question I often get is how did you come up with the story line for Fire of the Covenant.

The reality is that it was an intentional accident.

I was taking an on-line course with an author, Holly Lisle, and one of the exercises was to create three sentences, one each for three different story lines.…

Dealing with the Unexpected

Have you ever been coming off an entrance ramp, onto a highway – one of those ramps where it starts out as two lanes, and then one of the lanes merges into the other so that the ramp narrows to only one lane before it dumps into the highway – and another driver next to you on the ramp, though further back than you and in the lane that is supposed to merge into your lane, suddenly guns their car and races past you barely squeezing into your lane before the ramp ends?…

If You Want to be a Writer — Write!

The title of this post is a quote from Epictetus, a Greek sage (AD 55–135). I figured he was pretty wise – it took a lot of street smarts to live 80 years back then. Especially when he was a slave. So taking his advice on writing seems like a good move.…

Why Writers Write

I recently saw an Apple commercial that reminded me of one of my favorite movies. As I watched the commercial, it made me think about why Writers write. This isn’t the first time I have thought about this question, but it was the first time I actually sat back and let my mind focus on it.…

Author Getaway

I’ve always wanted to get away and do nothing but write. My wife actually gave me a birthday gift, a couple of years ago, of a week away at a hotel in the local mountains. I missed her and came home after five days.


Recently, friends of mine, who live along a lake in the mountains of Montana, were going away and needed someone to dog and house sit, for two weeks, while they were in France.…

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