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Do you have a lot of stories going around in your head at the same time?

Fortunately or Unfortunately–depends upon the day 🙂 Normally I have several stories running through my thoughts. This was the case when I was writing the Second book of the Dragon-Called series, Betrayal of the Covenant. I kept picturing this dragon trainer. A solitary orphan who gets involved with a sarcastic dragon and draws an odd assortment of characters to him as he tries battles a demon to save a girl and a kingdom. So I wrote The Dragon Whisperer, though I am still submitting it to Agents for representation. I’ve started the Third book in the series, but interrupted it and wrote the Novella, Ashes of the Dragon when a female dragon hunter, who was much more than she even knew. Right now I have three other book ideas and a couple of novellas running through my mine, but I’m really trying hard to focus on the Third book. Wish me luck.

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