It Is What It Is

What you’ll see below, and in the future, are a mix of Posts from the original It Is What It Is blog that ran from 2011 to 2017, along with new Posts representing my current life and where I am as a Writer today. I’ve removed many of the original Post but kept some that I thought you would find interesting. Every couple of weeks I’ll post either one of the original Blog Post, revised and updated, or a brand-new Post. I hope you enjoy following along with my adventure and maybe even learn a thing or two. I would appreciate any comments on the Posts that you feel inclined to share.

January 2023

Something I Hate about Writing

When I decided to write novels, I pictured myself sitting at a desk pounding out one great line after another. Sitting in a coffee shop, sipping on a latte, and taking in the humanity that passed by. I even imagined being called to New York City to meet with an agent or editor. A dozen years and four books later, reality had set in. “You sure have a vivid imagination,” Willow, my Muse, spoke from […]

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Short Stories: Renascence

The wind blew Lunete’s thick, long hairbehind her as she looked over the ledge. She wasn’t afraid of heights; that was unthinkable. However, the jagged ridges that crisscrossed the valley floor far below was another story. “Don’t you worry. You’ll do fine…” Her father called out a few paces behind her. Lunete glanced over her shoulder and used a hand to hold back the amber-blonde locks that tried to whip at her face. His smile

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