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Aeron is cousin to the twins, Willoe & Rowyn, but a couple of years older; which gives him a surprising amount of wisdom. A dashing young man, he is heir to the First Duke of Cainwen, the most important position in the kingdom, next to the royal family themselves, carrying great authority and responsibility. Receiving his spurs at a young age, Aeron had quickly become a Shield highly respected by his peers.

Character Name: Aeron (EY-R-aaN) Cadwel (KaedWehl)

Meaning: Aeron means battle, Cadwel means hill.

Physical Characteristics:  I think it is easy to start with the fact that Aeron is handsome. Let me just say if you met Aeron, you would still be talking about him. At the beginning of the series he is almost twenty, but already initiated as a Shield (a Knight for you newbies to the story). You ladies would be taken with his thick wavy golden-bronze hair that hangs down to his shoulders and parted in the middle. Very Medieval manly like. His soft features draw you in, but there is a solid authority to his looks, like you want to see in a leader. Did I mentioned he is handsome.

Personality: Knows women are attracted to him and men are drawn to his charismatic leadership. He takes advantage of these attractions as needed to achieve his goals, but does not take it seriously. Easy going, sometimes to his father’s displeasure, and a practical joker. Though Aeron makes light of his responsibilities, he takes them seriously when others are depending on him. A big brother not only to his sister Casandra , but to the twins. Rowyn’s best friend.

Heritage: Part of the Cainwen nobility with a family heritage that goes back early in Cainwen history.

Role: Son of the Duke of Pembroke, who is the First Duke of the Cainwen realm, second only to the royal Brynmor family. The next First Duke and remote cousin to the twins, Willoe and Rowyn.

Apparel:  As the son of the First Duke, Aeron could wear the finest vest and cloaks, but he prefers the general wear of most Shields. A doublet or gambeson worn over a linen shirt with linen pants. A hooded cloak on most days, a surcoat if on Shield business.  Knee high boots for riding, but comfortable enough for walking.

Weapons of Choice: The long sword, but competent in many different weapons from the lance to the longbow.

Relationships: Mentioned above. Cousin to the twins and son of the First Duke, the Duke of Pembroke.

Motivation: Puts loved one before himself. Lives life day by day and is drawn to risky adventures, as he says Growth only comes from challenging yourself.

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