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What you’ll see below, and in the future, are a mix of Posts from the original It Is What It Is blog that ran from 2011 to 2017, along with new Posts representing my current life and where I am as a Writer today. I’ve removed many of the original Post but kept some that I thought you would find interesting. Every couple of weeks I’ll post either one of the original Blog Post, revised and updated, or a brand-new Post. I hope you enjoy following along with my adventure and maybe even learn a thing or two. I would appreciate any comments on the Posts that you feel inclined to share.

Peter Cruikshank

Ashes of the Dragon: Dragons’ Blood

Revin woke with a start. Her head whirled as she sat up and swung her legs over the side of the bed. It was then that she realized she wore nothing but her underclothing. She scanned the room. Her dress was not there, nor were the leather pants and vests she had on when she had arrived. The only clothing in the room was a white dress that hung on a hook near the door […]

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Ashes of the Dragon: Blessed is the Phoenix

The shimmering teal blue dress fit her perfectly, and Revin twisted to the left then the right to see as much of the floor length gown as she could in the mirror. The soft material caressed her body, so light it felt like a summer breeze blowing across her skin. The neckline plunged, exposing the delicate necklace that seemed as though it had been designed to match the arm and headbands. A graceful gold chain,

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Ashes of the Dragon: Hired Killer

Trees lined both sides of the road, full of new growth. The fact that outside of Awakening, winter roared across the land, along with the recent incident of the women and the floating fireball, Revin had good reason to be disturbed, so she was surprised when the forest suddenly ended, low trees and scrub covered the ground. Farrel turned off to a side path and after a few moments the brush fed into plowed fields,

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Ashes of the Dragon: Balls of Fire

“We should probably take our selections back to the house before we continue.” Keely frowned as she looked at the cloth, leathers, and assorted trinkets that overflowed Revin’s arms. Stunned, Revin had been like a dog following the younger woman around as Keely loaded her up with more and more personal items that Revin would never have purchased for herself. It wasn’t until they were on the road, on the other side of the market

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Ashes of the Dragon: Awakening

A clatter startled Revin awake. She sat up quickly, her head surprisingly clear. Scanning the room, she noticed a chest for storing clothes and a small table with a basin and pitcher on it. She got up slowly, still trying to orient herself, and walked over to the table. Pouring water into the basin, she washed. She didn’t remember taking her cloak and coat off and guessed Keely must have removed them when she fell

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