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“It was your fault,” the gravel tone of the voice grating as ever, “it definitely was NOT mine.”

The deeper his voice became the higher her’s went up, “Don’t give me that. It was fine until you got involved.”

“Both of you stop,” I couldn’t believe they were arguing at a time like this, “we were all to blame.” Though I actually thought IE had a greater share of the responsibility.

Oh, I guess this conversation may be a little confusing to you. Well remember my last Post where I was so proud that I finally got Lesson Four figured out. Wow, I was so proud of myself. In that Post I was supposed to write a Sentence that captured the essence my story line. Something that I could print out and tape on the side of my computer to remind me what the goal of my story is as I write my story — and maybe something to grab the attention of an Agent or Publisher. And I nailed it.

Then I heard back from Holly. You know, the higher power that I bow to. No, I did not give God the name Holly. I am talking about the experienced author whose course I am taking. Though in some sense she is a higher power as far as my writing goes.

She said it was “okay”. But also said I really didn’t get it. So I went back, and back, and back again rewriting the Sentence and still couldn’t get it. This is where the Beep-Beep-Beep comes from — like a truck backing up. Oh well, I thought it was funny 🙂

I was getting REALLY frustrated, even with Holly’s advice. Then I spent some time on the Course Forums and got feedback from other writers who helped me to understand the Sentence. This was really helpful and I believe I now understand how to write the Sentence. I am reworking my Sentence to get it the way I think it should be and then I will FINALLY be off to Lesson Five.

Oh, and I really do think IE was a big part of the problem. Willow and I were really going to town playing with the words and concepts and then we let IE play. First thing he did was look at the “formula” and told us we didn’t have it “according to the formula”. From that point on we spent a lot of time trying to make the Sentence fit the formula rather than having fun with it. A big lesson learned — Don’t let the rules get in the way of the passion! I shouldn’t be too hard on IE though. We wouldn’t of gotten as far as we had without him so I guess we needed to go that route before we could go back and get a better feel for what the Sentence should really be.

This was a little bit of a setup back, but hopefully we are back on track now. A couple of days working on the Sentence and I will be on to Lesson Five. If this is the worse set back I experience I will be really lucky. And actually I learned a lot by having to go to the Forums and getting other writer’s input.

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