It Is What It Is

What you’ll see below, and in the future, are a mix of Posts from the original It Is What It Is blog that ran from 2011 to 2017, along with new Posts representing my current life and where I am as a Writer today. I’ve removed many of the original Post but kept some that I thought you would find interesting. Every couple of weeks I’ll post either one of the original Blog Post, revised and updated, or a brand-new Post. I hope you enjoy following along with my adventure and maybe even learn a thing or two. I would appreciate any comments on the Posts that you feel inclined to share.

Julia the Dreamer: Day Dreaming

The silver dragon was barely visible in the overcast, predawn sky. She had seen this particular beast before. Her view shifted from the ground to the air and she looked down on the dragon and its rider, a man cloaked in armor to match the dragon’s scales. Julia had only watched the silver-armored man from a distance, but for some reason was drawn to him. Previously she’d only seen him in full helm. Now, with his helmet removed, long golden […]

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Why Can’t We All Get Along?

Originally Posted in December 2011.  Little did I know that when I wrote this Post that the situation would continue throughout my writing life, even now after all these years.  What a battle I have had this last week. My Muse and Internal Editor (IE) have been battling it out all week. I have been working on Lesson 2 in my class this last week (more information to come on this in the next Post)

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Obstacles – Muse and Editor

Originally Posted in November 2011. It amazes me how much I did NOT know about writing when I began this class. I think it’s cute how excited I was at this time–of course, I had no idea what was involved in revising, editing, book covers, book blurbs, and a hundred other tasks that had to be completed after actually writing a book. Poor Petey! Alrighty-Ro (I was just thinking of the Jetsons’ dog Astro as

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So It Starts!

Originally Posted in November 2011. This was my very first Post in the It Is What It Is blog. It coincided with the beginning of a class I took online with Holly Lisle that changed my life and began my career as a Professional Fabler. I am going to be a Writer — so beware all you unsuspecting Readers. Well, at least that is the plan. Ever since I was a teenager, I wanted to

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Protector Dougal

Protector Dougal is a mystery to not only Willoe and Rowyn, but everyone they know, even their father. Little is known of his past other than he is evidently a warrior from the northern Kingdom of Haldane. The one to deliver the Twins, he has taken an oath at the feet of the Burning Lady to protect the children from all harm. Why he would do such a thing is part of the mystery that

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