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You have known the series as The Fire Fall Saga since mid-last year. Well, the series title has been changed. It is now entitled The Dragon-Called.

This might be a little confusing as Book One of the series, the one I am currently revising, was originally entitled Enflame, then changed to Dragon Called (similar to the new title of the series). The title has been changed one more time. The current working title for Book One is Fire of the Covenant. There are several other books out there by that name, so not sure if this name will remain or not. But I guess that is why it is called a working title.


I have posted what I am calling a Sampler on a site called The Sampler contains a Blurb describing Book One and also the first three scenes of the book, the Prologue and first two chapters.

Fire of the Covenant Sampler

If you are interested, and have time, please take a look at the above link and leave me a comment at that site (and another one here if you feel so inclined). I am very interested in your opinion so please take the time if at all possible.

The three scenes consist of approximately 10,000 words. To put this in perspective, the book is currently planned to be around 150,000 words.

Fire of the Covenant is scheduled to be released as a Kindle eBook in August 2013; Nook and paperback versions to follow shortly thereafter. As with any plan, this schedule is predicated on my ability to meet some fairly strict deadlines.

I  hope you enjoy the Sampler and that you can’t wait for the actual release of the book. After all, that is what it is meant to do 🙂


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