Quest of the Covenant

Raising dragons is a daunting task for the Dragon-Called, especially when they’re faced with the ever present evil of the Olcas Mogwai.

Willoe leads an army from the island’s three kingdoms to the mainland to rescue her twin, Rowyn. What starts as a quest quickly burgeons into a crusade to push the Shin-il Priests out of Western Kieran. While Willoe’s bond with her dragon grows, she is faced with dire choices and discovers a disturbing truth about the gods.

Escorted by the vilest of demons, Rowyn travels across Kieran toward the eastern empire to meet the Master of the Shin-il Priests, whose plans for world conquest still require one of the twins. Unsure of his own motives, Rowyn uses the time to become adept in the powerful dark arts of the Shadows under the demon’s tutelage. However, his goal is not without peril as the quest begins to eclipse Rowyn’s and his dragon’s Essence.

Separated from each other, Willoe and Rowyn begin to grasp what the Covenant means for them. Now they’re facing the same disturbing question: Is an encounter with the Olcas Mogwai worth risking not just their life and essence but their dragons’ as well?

If you like spunky heroines and charismatic heroes, intertwined story threads, and a world that comes to life, you’ll love Peter Cruikshank’s Dragon-Called series.

Hold your breath as the dragons mature and get the third book in the series today!

Publisher: il fennore Publishing
Cover Artists:
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