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Series & Books

Check out the different Series and Books that I have written or working on. For each Series you will find the extras that were included in the books, such as Maps and Character Lists.

With each Book and Series I have included an additional treat. As new books come out I will writing short stories, or what I refer to as Tiny Tales, on some of the characters that will hopefully provide insight into how the character became the way they are and what motivates them.

Dragon-Called Series
Journey with the Twins, Willoe and Rowyn, as they travel through a Medieval-themed Fantasy world (Saoghal, pronounced Soo-il) to obtain the relics and friends to battle the Shin-il Priests, minions of the Great Evil, known as the Olcas Mogwai.

The Dragon Whisperer
Years after the Dragon-Called, the world of Saoghal is once again the setting for a reluctant hero, Rylan, who finds out he has been called to serve the Goddess, the Burning Lady, as her Weapon against the Great Evil and creatures from the Shadows.

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