It Is What It Is

What you’ll see below, and in the future, are a mix of Posts from the original It Is What It Is blog that ran from 2011 to 2017, along with new Posts representing my current life and where I am as a Writer today. I’ve removed many of the original Post but kept some that I thought you would find interesting. Every couple of weeks I’ll post either one of the original Blog Post, revised and updated, or a brand-new Post. I hope you enjoy following along with my adventure and maybe even learn a thing or two. I would appreciate any comments on the Posts that you feel inclined to share.

Ashes of the Dragon

Ashes of the Dragon: Blue Eyes

“Damn her,” Revin shouted at the wind. “May the Goddess Damn her burnt Spirit to the Shadows,” she cursed loudly then gritted her teeth. She didn’t get angry easily, but nearly a week out of Winterheart and traveling in the bitter cold hadn’t improve her attitude. How could she have deceived herself into believing that someone other than a trapper would venture this far north of the border. She ran the old woman’s words through […]

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Ashes of the Dragon: One Day More

Four days on the old road and Revin hadn’t seen a single soul since crossing the river into the north. Well almost four days, she corrected herself. It had been midday by the time she had procured what was needed for the trip and departed Winterheart. Revin had reached the hook-like bend in the river after two days, like the old woman had said. Much of the river surface was frozen and a ridge of

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Ashes of the Dragon: The Oma

Something banged up against Revin’s foot, interrupting the image of the blue dragon that stormed through her mind. It had been more difficult than usual to capture the wild beast and get it into Winterheart. Her left shoulder still ached where the creature had knocked her to the ground as it tried to flee. But a few bruises were worth what the rancher had paid her for the dragon. The Blue was spirited but would

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