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Casandra is cousin to the twins, Willoe & Rowyn. Willoe’s constant companion since Willoe was ten, Casandra was confidant to all her cousin’s secrets and unwilling co-conspirator in all Willoe’s wild schemes. Her older brother, Aeron Cadwel, the heir to the First Duke of Cainwen, routinely rescued them when the schemes went astray. As a major character in the series, Casandra brings a certain beauty and serenity to not only her cousin, but the story.

Character Name: Casandra (kə-SAHN-drə) Cadwel (KaedWehl)

Meaning: Casandra means love and also shining on man, Cadwel means hill.

Physical Characteristics:  As handsome as Aeron is, Casandra is just as beautiful. She is a year younger than the twins, yet at age fifteen every head turns when she enter a room. She has the same thick wavy golden-bronze hair as Aeron and it flows down her back to her waist. She has the same soft features, high cheekbones, and when she smiles, not a man, and many a woman, lose their thoughts and stare in awe. Her lips are full and even at fifteen she has already developed a woman’s body.

Personality: Though she knows she is the center of attention, she treats the lowest servant with respect and never has a bad word on anybody. She is compassionate as the day is long, never turns down a call for help. Yet, she is a she-wolf when it comes to family, including her cousins. Casandra is the sidekick to her tom-boy cousin Willoe, but she is elegant and aristocratic enough to fit at any court throughout Dohman — and feel comfortable about it.

Heritage: Part of the Cainwen nobility with a family heritage that goes back early in Cainwen history.

Role: Daughter of the Duke of Pembroke, the First Duke of Cainwen. Pembroke covers much of the northeastern boundaries of Cainwen, along the Salt Rock River, and is one of the two major guardians of the border with Franchon. The other being the County of Greenmerrow. She bis cousin to the twins, four times removed.

Apparel: Well versed in the ways of the court, Casandra seems, at least to her cousin Willoe, to be always wearing exactly what would be appropriate for the occasion. Normally it is a long gown of silk or linen, with a plunging neckline, a light green or red color that shows off her hair and freckled skin. It bis not uncommon to see her wearing a pendant of a silver wolf head, with eyes that appear to glow from the small rubies set in the eyes. A symbol of Pembroke that her father give her when she left Pembroke, at the age of nine, to live with Willoe.

Weapons of Choice: A knife strapped to the inside of her left arm, under the sleeves of her dress, something Willoe had taught her when Casandra first come to Castle Westhege. And another knife strapped to the inside of her right thigh — something she came up on her own.

Relationships: Mentioned above, cousin to the twins and daughter of the First Duke of Cainwen, the Duke of Pembroke.

Motivation: Loves most everyone, but is like a lioness when it comes to those who she considers family; which includes a strange group of individuals. She sees the good in most people, and believes Everyone has the potential for good until proven differently. But if they prove otherwise, then she is the first to confront them. She is motivated by relationships. Those of your family, her cousins, the close friends that she gains during this saga. And the close relationship she develops with a special someone during her journey… Opps, I might be saying too much at this time.

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