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Dilys has been the servant, or hand-maiden as you will, to Willoe since the Twins were delivered to their father, the Crown Prince, at three years of age. Willoe knows that Dilys is old, but not how old as the woman never seemed to change. She appeared the same to Willoe at the beginning of the series as Dilys did when Willoe was a toddler.  Their mother unknown and their step-mother dead before they came to live with their father, Dilys had been the one to mother Willoe throughout her life. Dilys doesn’t show up until Chapter Nine, but is a character I hope you will remember.

Character Name: Dilys

Meaning: Dilys means genuine, true, steadfast

Physical Characteristics:  Not soo high, not soo small, she only comes up to just under Princess Willoe’s chin. Old? Well it is relative. A little plump, though she likes to think she is just big-boned. A few wrinkles, not too many, but she has had them for a very long time. Gray hair; which she is am proud of. she keeps it long, hanging loose halfway down her back. It is still smooth, not frizzy like what one might expect. Quite a mystery wouldn’t you say.

Heritage: This is very difficult to discuss. Let’s just say that she is an inhabitant of the island country of Taran and leave it be.

Role: Servant to the only female in the royal Brynmor royal family, Princess Willoe.

Apparel:  Nothing fancy. A solid colored linen or cotton dress that goes from the neck and hangs to the floor. She is not one for the velvet or silky materials like the noble ladies, though Willoe always is trying to dress her up as one. She has told Willoe many times that she is not a doll to be fluffed up with fancy wear. No jewelry expect a bronze pendant hung around her neck. It is a flying dragon, similar to the mark for the Kingdom of Cainwen, though it is her own. She does allow herself a little flourish and has a bright colored fabric belt loosely tied around her waist. Actually, if held at knife point, she’d admit that she has a stash of several different colored belts. She has been told that the belt draws attention to her… big bones, but she is fine with that. She will tell you the belts are more for her than others. Most everyone has a cloak whether servant or noble, but as servant to the Princess she has one cloak for the summer and one for the winter. They are a simple dark green with gold trim, the colors of the Princess’ Kingdom, Cainwen.

Weapons of Choice: She has particular preferences, but not something she wants to discuss here and now. When asked why not, her answer was ‘You never know who maybe reading this’.

Relationships: Again, not something she is willing to discuss at the moment.

Motivation: When Willoe and Rowyn were delivered at the age of three to their father, the Crown Prince, Dilys was able to get herself assigned to be their caretaker. It was not easy to do and how it came about may never come out or maybe someday there will be a prequel to the series. The future is something only the Burning Lady can divine. It is evident in her acts and words that she has loved the twins most of their lives and would do anything for them, though she is not above the use of tough love when necessary. She knows the twins have a destiny they must fulfill and she also knows that they risk death in doing so. She will do whatever she can to help them and keep them alive… if possible.

Interesting Facts: Dilys is an old name in Taran. It carries a lot of weight with it and a lot of responsibilities.

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