Protector Dougal

Protector Dougal is a mystery to not only Willoe and Rowyn, but everyone they know, even their father. Little is known of his past other than he is evidently a warrior from the northern Kingdom of Haldane. The one to deliver the Twins, he has taken an oath at the feet of the Burning Lady to protect the children from all harm. Why he would do such a thing is part of the mystery that surrounds him.

Character Name: Protector Dougal

Meaning: Dougal is Gaelic for Dark Foreigner.

Physical Characteristics: Taller than the average man and very muscular with broad shoulders, a massive chest, and muscular bare arms. Long strawberry blonde hair with soft blue eyes. A rock-like structured clean-shaven chin. Hair is normally held back with a leather strap. He has a dragon tattoo on the inside of his right forearm running from the wrist to the elbow.

Heritage: He comes from the northern Kingdom of Haldane, in the island country of Taran. If you need a comparison between this fantasy world and Earth, to help visualize the character you could say he is similar to a mix of Gaelic (more specifically Gaelic Scotland) and Nordic (maybe Viking).

Apparel:  Normally a sleeveless studded leather vest, trimmed in fur, and studded leather pants. Rarely wears chainmail, but when he does it is just Chauses (chainmail leggings). He does not like to wear a helmet, but in a major battle he will don one if available.

Weapons of Choice: Two large slightly curved swords that he wears crossed on his back with the handles sticking up over each shoulder so he can easily grab them with both hands.

Role: Dougal is a Protector. A Protector is basically what the name implies. Someone who has sworn to protect someone or someones. But maybe more than that. A Protector would die for whoever it is they are protecting. The Protector spends their entire life, day and night with whoever they are protecting not taking a spouse or having any life outside of those they are protecting. They do this until they die or the person they are protecting dies or until circumstances change and their protection is no longer required. But Protectors are much more than what most people think (to be revealed in the book).

Relationships: This is unknown at the beginning of Fire of the Covenant.

Motivation: Naturally to protect, but we have to return to the question of why. Why these Twins. If you are astute, you will find hints to this is Fire of Covenant.

Interesting Facts: As mentioned above, the name Dougal means Dark Foreigner, which is rather strange considering he has strawberry blonde hair and while deeply tanned, his heritage would not lend itself to someone most people would call “Dark”. The name was actually not because of his appearance, but because of his serious nature and sober disposition. And what is not known until much later is that what drove him into being a Protector is a set of dark events. In terms of a Foreigner, he is from the Northern kingdom, but has spent half his life in the Western kingdom, as a foreigner.

4 thoughts on “Protector Dougal”

  1. There is so much interesting potential story material in this description alone–it leaves me with a lot of questions about Dougal.
    I guess I’ll have to read the story to find out! 😉

    1. Thanks Kirsten. Yes, there is a lot to Dougal. He plays a substantial role in the lives of the Twins and their cousins. All I can tell you is he is not whom he appears to be. Not that I am one to keep people in suspence. Oh, that’s right. I am! 🙂

    1. Thanks Diana, I appreciate you “stumbling”. I am glad you found it enjoyable. I will be posting more in the near future. Right now trying to complete the First Draft of Book One so I can take it into Revision while writing Book Two. I am hoping a few short months and Book One will be ready for publication. Keep checking back and feel free to let any of your friends know about this site — I won’t get upset 🙂

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