Character Lists

With a host of characters in this epic adventure series (more than a hundred), it can be difficult to keep track of who is who and what their role is as you read this tale. To help you out, below, we created a list of the characters, pronunciations where necessary, who they are and their relationships.

There’s even a downloadable PDF file of the List. You can click below to bring up a PDF file that you can download and print out if you want to keep it nearby. The list can also be found in the back of each of the books in the series.

Read Background Short Stories on a few of the characters by going to Bonus Stories



Island of Taran

Kingdom of Cainwen

Aeron (Aery) CadwalTwins’ cousin / Son of Cainwen First Duke
Baron OweinBaron of Winterpass / Spymaster
Beynon BrynmorTwins’ father / Crown Prince
Brom BrynmorTwins’ uncle / Older brother of Crown Prince
Calynn CadwalWife of Duke Drem Cadwal
Captain FlintAide to Duke Stockpole
Captain HarteA Captain of the King’s Guard
Casandra (Cas) CadwalTwins’ cousin / Daughter of Cainwen First Duke
Chancellor LiamChancellor for the Kingdom of Cainwen
Cleric YoanHealer / Diviner of Goddess’ will
Count IdwalCainwen count
CuthbertCainwen spy
DilysMaid to Princess Willoe
DoyCutpurse / Royal groomsman
Duke Drem CadwalDuke of Pembroke / First Duke of Cainwen
Duke StockpoleDuke of Wellingford
General ErylsGeneral Province of Pembroke
General Gavyn ReesGeneral of Cainwen Army
Guardsman GeralltRowyn’s escort
Guardsman HarthaRowyn’s escort
Guardsman LlyrRowyn’s escort
Guardsman OwainWilloe’s escort
Guardsman PenryBeynon’s escort / Scout
Guardsman RhodriRowyn’s escort / Cook
Hafgan BrynmorMiddle son of Prince Beynon
JanenBandit Leader
JosianeMaid to Lady Emeline
King Einion BrynmorKing of Cainwen
LlafnauLeader of crew of orphins (urchins)
Lord Morcar PriddyRoyal Treasurer of Cainwen
MabynWife of Guardsman Gerallt
Mael BrynmorHeir apparent / Oldest son of Prince Beynon
Master GwronCainwen Royal Weapons Master
Page Sion TybaltRoyal page
Page Tomos TybaltRoyal page
Rowyn (Row) BrynmorTwin / Dragon-Called / Youngest son of Prince Beynon
Ser BithelShield with Franchon Rebel Army
Ser ErwoodShield with Franchon Rebel Army
Ser Rhein (Delwyn)Leader of Rowyn’s escort
Ser TanguyWilloe’s escort
Sergeant CrowleyRowyn’s escort
Sergeant madogSecond to Ser Rhein
Sergeant TrystanWilloe’s escort / Supply Sergeant
Steward RobatSteward of Castle Westhedge
Sulyen WellingfordGrandson of Duke Stockpole and heir to Duchy of Wellingford
Willoe (Wil) BrynmorTwin / Dragon-Called / Daughter of Prince Beynon
General LecompteCommander of Greenmerrow troops

Earldom of Greenmerrow

Southeastern Province in Cainwen
Grioral MalberyEarl of Greenmerrow
Guardsman RoyceMalbery’s personal guard
Guardsman TavinMalbery’s personal guard
Ser GeffreyGreenmerrow Shield / Captain of King’s Guard

Kingdom of Franchon

ArelaWoman Archer (Mountain Villager)
Captain BrintCaptain of the Franchon 5th Regulars
Dumont GautierCousin of King Benoit
Emeline (Em) GautierNiece of King Benoit / Daughter of Dumont Gautier
Count Arnald RenierLeader of Envoy to Cainwen
General Dionte FriantNew Commander of Franchon troops going into Empire
General MonnotOld Commander of Franchon troops going into Empire
JamiaApprentice to Lady Kerye
KindalWoman Archer (Mountain Villager)
King Benoit GautierKing of Franchon
Neuf SoldatNeuf (Noof -- Brand New) Soldat (Sol-Dat -- Soldier)
Nevile GautierNephew of King Benoit / Oldest son of Dumont Gautier
Patric GautierNephew of King Benoit / Youngest son of Dumont Gautier
RakenBlack Falcon
RicherGuard in White Cliffs dungeon
Ser ChaysonFranchon Shield with Rebel Army
Ser ConwayFranchon Shield with Rebel Army
Ser GarlynFranchon Shield with Rebel Army
Ser LowellFranchon Shield with Rebel Army
Ser RolandoFranchon Shield leader of Rebel Army
Sergeant Caral CanardFranchon sergeant in Northern Fleuveral

Kingdom of Haldane

AlinaTwins’ mother
ArloOwner of Trading Station in The Open Lands
CahalVillage boy / Groom (pronounce Kaw-hal)
CanePeasant boy
Chancellor ThrandChancellor to the Ice Queen
DougalTwins’ Protector
KeryeTwins’ aunt
Lady Kallan ColumArrick's Younger Sister
Lord Blair CinnardFriend of Dougal
Lord Junge ColumFather of Arrick
Lord Macaulay RonnyFriend of Dougal
Lord Karl VagelRegent of Haldane Royal Council
Lord SettonAdmiral in Command of the Taran Fleet
MernaStation owner Arlo’s wife
Queen Eideanin RagnildIce Queen
Ser Arrick ColumFriend of Dougal
Ser HolumShield in Haldane Expedition
Steward HanningSteward of the royal palace in Wintershed
UcciAinglean Aide and Handler of Surikatts

The Tonn

Tribes of the Open Lands
AivCousin to Keeva and Escort to Casandra
AudunaOlder Female Advising the Ohmuilk
DrothLarge Warrior Second to Gest
Faie OnkthastSpiritual leader of the Wolf Clan
Faie ShuumSpiritual leader of the Eagle Clan
Faie SirreeSpiritual leader of the Bear Clan
Faie TietroSpiritual leader of the Fox Clan
GestChief of the Eagle Clan / Second to the Ohmyilk
Itch (Byich)Small Tonn Warrior
KeevaCousin to Aiv and Escort to Casandra
OhmyilkFire-Mother’s Representative / Bringer of Light / Teacher
Ohpeng SohseeWoman Blessed by Goddess

Hoarfront Mountains

Northern Range in the Open Lands
GairPen’s friend & companion
MyolJerbheept (Guardian of the Hoarfrost Mountains)
PenGair’s friend & companion

Elfs of Taran

BragiTuath Elf / Old warrior scout (pronounce Brag-Ee)
CianFirst Lor / Grandfather to Saraid and Helel (pronounce Kee-An)
Ohsar Ohe JarviTuath Elf / Head of the Tuath Council of Families
HelelSiar Elfe / Granddaughter of Lor Cian
KeeliaTuath Elfe / A Captain of the Tuath Council Guards
SaraidSiar Elf / Grandson of Lor Cian


Awsten the GreenRowyn’s dragon
Elwyn the WhiteHaldis’ dragon
Seiriol the BlueCasandra’s dragon
Tesne the RedWilloe’s dragon

Kata-henis & Borlender

LydennaCasandra’s Kata-heni
MoyaRowyn’s Kata-heni
SwiftBorlender / Krel Monlor’s friend
VeeRhein’s Kata-heni


Creatures that Guard the Ainglean
AcutoLead Surikatt
CosmoBrother of Acuto

Waljantinks (Tinks)

Drel CorklinHead Tink of Fayhaven
Drel DonlinLord Brom’s companion and research partner
Krel MonlorFayhaven Tink / Swift’s friend

Western Kieran

Kingdom of Cueron

Duke Lucio CalitoFirst Duke of Cueron (name pronounced Ca-Leek-Sto)

Kingdom of Fleuveral

Captain BlacheCaptain of the Fleuveral Capital City Watch

Captain Quintrell Aubertin

Son of Lady Voletta and Commander of Horse on Cueron border.

Chancellor DussaultPrincipal for Riopelle Family (pronounce Doo-So)
Duke Colville ThebeauDuke of Avigno & on King's Council (pronounce They-Bow
Duke Phillipe LeclercHead priest of the Deiulionne and on Fleuveral King's Council
General Junot Commander of Fleuveral troops in Dragon-Called (D-C) Army
Lady AdelaDuchess of Charbonnet and on Fleuveral King's Council
Lady Desaree CharvetExiled in Andorra (Name pronounced d(e)-sa-ree char-vey)

Lady Jacquelin Aubertin

Daughter of Lady Voletta

Lady Voletta Aubertin

Principal of a Powerful Family

Lord Percy RiopelleAide to Raken (pronounced Ria-Pellie)
Prince EduadFleuveral King's Grandson (Heir to the throne)
Roslyn CharvetDaughter of Desaree

Kingdom of Reinlanden

King Willern VanderwiedeKing of Reinlanden
Prince JansenDeceased brother of the king
Prince NilesLord of the South & Warren of Arn Chantel
Prince RikkiHeir apparent
Princess SkylaCommander of the Valkens in the north

Kingdom of Vessante

Lord EttoreCommander of Vessante troops in D-C Army (pronounce Eh-Ttuw-Reh)


Mercenaries from around Western Kieran
Captain Brighton CleymanHead of Council of Sellsword Captains at Tierran’s Wall
Captain Darcio ArmelCaptain of the Bloody Sun Company
Captain NiskaCaptain of the Black Ravens Company
Captain Piperel CroteauCaptain of the Red Storm Company (pronounce Pip-Er-El Kruh-Toe)
Lieutenant SeguraSecond to Captain Armel

Central Kieran

Sultanate of Anhel Kraj

Captain Melek ErsoyInterpretor for Vizer Arikan (pronounce Ire-Soyu)
Exalted Sultan RamsaurSovereign of Sultanate of Anhel Kraj
Varun DattaAnhel Sergeant (giant of a man)
Vizier ArikanChief Official representing the Sultan (pronounce Air-I-can)

Meridionale Conferation

Captain ScarcellaCommander of The Nest (pronounce Skar-Chell-La)
Cleric DiangeloCleric at the Senate
General Pietro MongelliCaptain/General from Province of Astuto (pronounce Mon-Jelli)
JuliettaTeodoro's Mother
Lt FurnoLieutenant at The Nest from Astuto
Lt UrsoLieutenant at The Nest from Astuto
PolcariSteward at Astuto Compound in Armonia (pronounce Pol-Ka-Ree)
Senator Oriana DiMareRepresenting Astuto Province (pronounce O-Ree-Ana De-Ma-Ree)
TeodoroAstuto soldier longtime aide to Mongelli (pronounce Tee-O-Doro)

Rechnoy Nation

Nitca ItsovGuide across Scorched Lands

Elfs of Kieran

Decana Catarine

High Priestess on Isle of Reflection

TefriloEhuli (Healer) among the Sea Elfs
WayoChief of the Sea Elfs
YornaiChief of the Arussa yes yol Ohbe (People of the Flame)

Gailtrain Empire

East of the Scorched Lands
Crimson EmperorRuler of the Empire

Jidig Tribes

ZayaCommander of elite Jidig Unit of Warriors

Shin-il Priests


True Believers
Bat-Uul (Gened)Uul Priest & Keeper of Prince Mael

Fai Yin

Leader of a group of Priests that fled the Empire

Poojan-UulBat-Uul’s mentor in the Kingdom of Avanis


Young Priest that becomes Cleric Yoan's Apprentice


Followers of the Shin-il Master
Besut-JinPriest who brought poison to Malbery
Caspar-JinAide to Bat-Uul
Chuluun-UulGai-Ten (Inner circle for Master of Shin-il Order)
Dakho-UulPrincipal Uul to the Kingdom of Fleuveral
Dimah-UulPerverted Priest
MasterSenior Priest of Shin-il Order & Advisor to the Emperor
Rajam-JinAide to Chuluun-Uul

Obeah Priests

Priests from an Island (Tenkeishi) east of the Empire


Disgraced Obeah Priest

Creatures of the Shadows (Demons)


Master's Representative to Taran - to capture Twins


Shade pursuing the Twins - As much dead as alive

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