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Legal restrictions prevent us from displaying the Muse, Willow’s actual image, therefore just imagine she looks sort of like this but different.

No matter how long I stared at my laptop’s screen, the next Post for my Blog just wouldn’t magically come to me.

“That’s because I haven’t told you what it is yet,” her sarcasm preceded her into the room.

I swiveled my chair from the desk and was left with my disparaging, though devilishly imaginative, response stuck in my throat.

My Muse, Willow, who had surprised me with the many changes in her appearance over the years, had outdone herself this time. I had become use to her ability to mildly modify the form of her body. The changes in hair color; the variation in the shape of her eyes from time to time; and even the shifting features of her face, but… this!

She stood over six-and-half feet tall with blond, nearly white hair that flowed down to the middle of her back. Her figure was slim, but the muscles in her arms and legs stood out through her gown like that of a trained warrior, yet there was no doubt of her femininity. High cheekbones graced her oval-shaped face and to complete the image, long pointed ears pierced the cloak of her hair.

“You like.” She spun so I could see her from every angle. The long silky green gown swirled around resting at her feet.

“Ah…” I was really at a loss for words. Changing her appearance was one thing, but this was thoroughly new.

“You don’t like the way I look?” She stopped and placed balled fists on her hips, her lips tight.

“No. I mean Yes. I mean– ” I hated it when she asked double negative questions that couldn’t be answered with a simple Yes or No. “I mean No, I do Not — Not like the way you look.”

She smiled, but I wasn’t sure if she appreciated the compliment or secretly enjoyed my stumbling response.

“Good.” She walked over and settled into her brown leather chair, taking a minute to drape her gown over the edges with care. “Because this is the form I plan to keep for a while.”

I shifted my chair back around so that I could look over my desk at her.

She played at straightening the front of the grown, totally ignoring me.

“Okay, I give. Why?” I knew asking the question would open a Pandora’s box, but I just couldn’t help myself; which I am sure is exactly the reason she was acting this way.

Willow glanced up, her eyes wide with innocence, her mouth formed a surprised ‘O’.

“Why have you taken the form of an Elf?” I bit at the bait like a bass looking for a free meal.

“Elfen,” she chided and shook her head. “You can’t even remember your own terminology. When we started the books we decided that even though Elves and females Elven were the common standard, we agreed to use Elfs and Elfen instead.”

“Alright, then why have are taking the form of an Elfen?”

“Because…” She grinned and leaned forward to emphasize, “in the next few articles we’re going to write about some of the things that make the island of Taran, the mainland Kieran and their inhabitants, different than other Fantasy worlds.”

“Seriously!” I sat up and put both hands on the desk. “Haven’t I got enough to do without coming up with more Posts for the Blog?”

“Hey, you created the Blog.” She leaned back and spread her arms to either side, her voice taking on a ‘not my problem’ sound. “Along with the world of Saoghal, and all the people in it. And you promised your Readers that you would keep the Blog up-to-date.” Her tone shifted and reminded me of my mother when I would come home after curfew, “So suck it up Kiddo.”

I sunk back into my chair and let out a deep sigh to acknowledge my defeat.

“Look at this.” She sat forward and with her fore finger began to draw. It was as if she were writing with golden dust. Strange characters appeared, hanging in the air between us. She finished and a set of bright gold Runes wavered in front of my eyes.

baya ng  ohsink  pIemdItIk  ai

“What is this?”

“You know what it is,” she admonished.

“Yes, I know what it is. So why are you showing it to me?”

She leaned back, folded hands on her chest, and let the diabolical smile, that I had come way too familiar with, spread across her face. Though I had to admit it really didn’t fit with the Elfen image at all. She waited a moment then slowly informed me, “It’s the subject of your next Post.”

I stared at the Runes with a frown and wondered, How are we going to use these in a Blog Post? Then I had to smile as I began to understand what she intended.


Check back in a couple of weeks and see how the Elfen (my Muse Willow) intends to use the mysterious Runes to share some of what makes Saoghal a world unto itself. To make sure you don’t miss the next Post, and others to come, just go ahead and Subscribe in the sidebar to the right.  All it requires is your e-mail address; which will NOT be shared with anyone — I promise. When you subscribe you will be sent an e-mail to confirm you Subscription. By subscribing you will also be the first to see things like when a new book cover is Revealed (one is coming soon) and notified when books are available, along with discounts and other treats.

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