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In a Fantasy world there are many terms and concepts that people may not be familiar with, which can seem strange to them at first glance. The below glossary provides clarification on some of the terminology and “unique” concepts used in the World of Athule. A few additional bits of information such as the Colors and Heraldry for each of the main kingdoms and the significance of the Priests’ and Clerics’ different colored robes have been added at the end of the glossary (that’s the Miscellaneous stuff).

Similar to the Character List, the Glossary can be downloaded as a PDF file. You can Click below to bring up a PDF file that you can download and print out if you want to keep it nearby. The Glossary can also be found in the back of each of the books in the series.


Definition / Information


In the Ancient Tongue translated as "Watcher". Someone called by the Goddess to keep an eye on others called by the Burning Lady and provide advice/guidance to them. The Ainglean has a special connection with the Goddess, giving them insights unavailable to anyone else, even Clerics.


The physical world in which the Dragon-Called series takes place. To read more about the /World of Athule, go to

Blood StalkerSee Red Hats

A large bear-like creature, though larger, with floppy ears and a flat face. Used primarily like a pack animal.


When two beings touch and establish a connection where they temporary share their Spirits. This makes the Goddess' Essence, within them, stronger, and in some cases, this can cause their experiences/memories to be shared with each other.


Channels of mud-like material in the ground that provides direct rapport to the Burning Lady’s essence. Also, known as "Ken Mud".


Clerics have been called by the Goddess and have been endowed with a special bond to the Goddess' Spirit World. They are not part of any sort of hierarchal religion, there are no formal churches or temples, and they don't preach. However, they do perform rituals like weddings, funerals, etc. The primary purpose of the Clerics are to heal, using their link to the il fennore, though they are sought out by many people to help interpret the Goddess' Will.


Ancient Fleuveral God. Three-headed Lion with the middle one Roaring. The three heads represent Purity, Strength, and Sacrifice. Followers are called Dieulions.


In the Ancient Tongue translated as dragons. Translated means "Royal Flyer".


An Elf Healer, similar to a Cleric


Everything in the physical world contains elements of the Goddess' nature, what we identify as an object or a being's Spirit. These elements have a corresponding object in the Goddess' Spirit World, the il fennore.


Tonn sages that are similar to Clerics.

FyllaThe human-born mate of a Phoenix.

The act of someone connected to the il fennore or Shikigam il and drawing the Essence/Spirit out of another.


In the Ancient Tongue translated as "Goddess' Weapon" or "Goddess' Shield". Someone called by the Burning Lady to take on a difficult task and endowed with special abilities.


In the Ancient Tongue translated as Guardian They are Guardians of the Hoarfrost Mountains. Giants with light blue skin and white hair.

Harmony Aipteh Yofi

When someone has achieved an agreed union with their ancestral Spirits.

il fennore

The celestial world of the Burning Lady where Spirits of the departed are called by the Goddess (see Shikigam il and The Shadows for information for the antithesis to the Goddess' Spirit World). il fennore is also the name of the magic created by the use of Spiros to control the Essence of beings and objects in the physical world.

Kata-henisFeline-type creature almost as big as a horse. They look like a mountain lion and are ridden by Elfs.
Koke TengriThe God worshipped by the Shin-il Priests and their followers.

The ability to crossover into the il fennore, connect and provide a conduit for a Spiro to the physical world where the Spiro can influence an object in the Spirit world that will impact the corresponding Essence in the physical world.


A Mind-bridge is a connection between two creatures (humans and also some animals) that conveys actual words along with images and emotions far clearer than a Spirit-link.

Mind-voice / Mind-speak

Speaking words from one mind to another with images though can vaguely express emotions: telepathy. A simpler form of a Mind-bridge.

Neuf SoldatNeuf (Noof -- Brand New) Soldat (Sol-Dat -- Soldier)

In Ancient Tongue translated as "Teacher". According to the Tonn Faies, the Ohmyilk is sent by the Goddess and will lead the Tribes to prosperity and a better life.

Olcas Mogwai (Great Evil)The coming of the Dark Lord to spread his domination over Athule.

When a woman a Phoenix offers their Spirit up to a golden dragon so the dragon may defeat the demons of the Shadows she is infused with the dragon's Spirit in return. The dragon, after defeating the demons is consumed by the Burning Lady's spiritual flames. From the ashes of the dragon, a female child is born, the new Phoenix the dragon-daughter of the woman who had given her Spirit to the dragon.

Red Hats (a.k.a. Blood Stalkers)

Blood Stalkers are about the size of a Tink, a half-sized adult human, but there are significant differences between the two. Blood Talkers have blazing red eyes, long white beards, fangs, claws like an eagle, and carry a deadly pikestaff. They are called Blood Stalkers because they hunt their victims like hounds. Once they get the scent, they are hard to avoid and after they catch and kill their prey, they stain their hats with the blood of their victims

ScryingAbility to slide along the il fennore to see events in other locations even unfamiliar ones in the present time and sometimes future events.
SeeingAbility to Merge with a Spiro and see into a body to find damaged tissue disease etc

Send / Sending / Sent

When someone sends images words etc. across a Mind-bridge or impressions across a Spirit-link.

The ability to feel something about someone - similar to Spirit-link but more of a passive process.


A Sensitive can tell when connections are made to the il fennore and also when a Sending is made. They can feel the emotions and to a certain degree what someone is thinking, by inference, but can’t read someone’s mind. Sensitives can Spirit-link their thoughts with another Sensitive However, they can't share thoughts – sometimes images but mostly emotions.

The Shadows

The Seven depths of the Shadows, the domain of the Dark Lord. Inhabited by Dark Spirits that are rejected by the Goddess or refuse to enter the Her Spirit World (see il fennore for the antithesis to The Shadows).

Shikigam il

Shikigam il is the use of the Dark Arts to perform magic and combat the Goddess' Essence. It uses demons drawn from The Shadows and is stronger than the magic of the il fennore.

Shin-il Order of Priests

A benign sect founded several hundred years ago by Deshi Chee, the first Master of the Shin-il. Their canon was the Shin-il Way that preached a peaceful existence, harmony among the people of all kingdoms, with the goal of laying a foundation to prevent the return of the Olcas Mogwai. The interpretation and implementation of the Shin-il Way was corrupted by the current Master.

Shin-il Way

The fundamental principles of the Shin-il religion is their canon which they claim was passed down from their god Koke Tengri:

The body does not destroy itself.

Conflict is brought about by differences.

Eliminate differences and conflict is eliminated.

When all are as one body peace and harmony shall ensue.

Peace and harmony are a choice each must make on their own.


A Spirit-link provides a means for occasionally transmitting images and some feelings to a degree, which our Spirit tries to interpret. With beings like Kata-henis or Borlenders, we fill in much of what is communicated to create words that make sense to us. Think of it as riding along the edge of the il fennore and then talking Spirit-to-Spirit with another intelligent creature that has the native ability to make the connection. Elfs, Hukkas, Kata-henis, and a few other creatures can do this. Only a few humans can, and most animals cannot.

Spirit-MateA strong child-parental connection with a youngling dragon. Similar to when a baby imprints with a parent.

The ability to slide along the il fennore to view a distant location in the physical world but limited to the present time and a location the user is familiar with.


Gossamer creatures Spirits of the departed that inhabit the Goddess' Spirit World. (See il fennore for more on Spiros).


Short creatures, about waist high on a human, slender bodies, narrow limbs, and long thin tails. A Surikatt looks like a meerkat, except bigger, but with similar body movements. They are bodyguards and scouts for the Ainglean.


On four legs they stood as tall as a man. Long shaggy hair of brown or black covered their bodies. A single horn stood out on the head of each adult. A common herd animal, they were generally calm, but an enraged trouncher could be a dangerous beast. 

Turn / Turns

Equivalent to an hour
Waljantinks (Tinks)

Short magical creatures, topping no higher than a man’s waist. Normally dressed all in brown covered in a robe, human in appearance but with a wrinkled face, short curly brown hair and a close worn beard. Rarely seen.


Uul Priest

(Red robes) Highest ranking of the Shin-il Priesthood. Within the Uuls, ten are named the Gai-Ten, the inner circle of the Master, leader of the Shin-il Way.

Jin Priest(Black robes) Shin-il Priests one rank below the Uuls.
Obeah Priest (Yellow robes) Priests from a remote eastern island. Obeah Priests are disdained by other Shin-il Priests because of their use of herbs and other

(Brown robes) Individuals who serve the Shin-il Priests with hopes of become one themselves someday.


(Gray robes) Individuals Called by the Goddess (the Burning Lady) and endowed with the ability to heal.

Kingdom Colors & Heraldry




Gold on dark green

Dragon in Flight




Red on dark grey

Lion Roaring




White on blue

Hawk Attacking




Silver on Black

Head of a Lion Roaring




Light Brown on Green

Bear standing on its back legs with a battle axe in one front paw and a spear in the other front paw.




Yellow & blue on red

Two yellow vees, the lower one inverted so that it appears like an hourglass with a bright blue Bull overlaid on the center.




Orange with White stripes

Brown Deer with oversized horns reared on its hind legs.

Astuto Province

(Meridionale Confederation)



Gold on Sapphire blue

Golden Eagle with its legs & wings spread out in an "X". In one claw is a fish, in another oat stalks. A battle axe clutched in the fold of one wing & lightning bolts in the other.

Sultanate of Anhel Kraj



Light Gray on Red

A white Crescent Moon with a gray Wolf head inside it on a Red background.

Sea Elfs (Twarv Clan) Colors

Dark Blue on a Greenish-blue field (seafoam)
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