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Haldis Series

The Haldis series consists of smaller books than its sibling Epic series the Dragon-Called. Each of the Haldis books will be a self-contained book with similar characters from book to book. These smaller books will only have a couple of story lines and fewer characters than their bigger cousin, the Dragon-Called series. The first of the Haldis’ books is The Dragon Whisperer.

Like Dragon-Called, the Haldis series takes place on the world of Athule, a few hundred years in the future of the Dragon-Called series. Even though Haldis is a Medieval-themed Fantasy, great effort was exerted to keep the books authentic and true to the time period (word origins, weapons, ambiance, and culture – at least within the bounds of Fantasy literature).

Go to The Dragon Whisperer to read excerpts from the book, see the Maps used, and check out a List of Characters.



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