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Insight into the Series

This is the first blog post for The Dragon-Called website and I wanted to give you a little idea of what to expect in the future and also tease you with the first of many behind-the-scene insights into the series.

What you will find on this website is information and insight into how the stories and characters developed, excerpts from series, artwork for the books, my rationale for why I wrote or sequenced scenes in a particular way, and my inspiration for many of the characters and events that occur in the series.

Series Title: When I first started this series I didn’t really have a name picked out for it. I had an idea about the story line and could picture some of my characters. I could visualize a couple of what are called Candy Bar scenes that were as clear and as real to me as if I had experienced them myself. I could even hear some of the dialogue in these scenes. If you think that is strange please read the Author’s Bio.  But to understand the meaning of the title you would need to know a lot more about the story itself. And over time you will get to know a lot more about the books in The Dragon-Called series as I continue to blog here. However, in the meantime I am not so mean as to leave you going totally insane with wonder as to How did Peter come up with the Title?

First off you might be surprised to know that I was about one-and-a-half months into writing the first book, some 100 pages, before I finally came up with the Series and Book titles. The reason is that the series totally changed at around this time. Well, not totally, it was still a series about twins and many of the other things I mention on the About the Series page, but some things came out of my writing that made me change how events were influenced and the impact it had on my characters and the multiple plots.

EDITED May 2013:

I had a book title for a year, up until May 2013. Then I realized that there was a better title.

I won’t go into now how I came up with the title, but it really fits the series better than the previous series title.

The new title is The Dragon-Called and I think this will make sense as soon as your read the Prologue to Book One.

Book Titles: I am still playing with book titles at this point, but I do have Work In Process names that I am using tentatively for three or four books in the series. Each book title ties into the series title, but that might sound too much like a gimmick, so again it is all up in the air and can change.

Book One of the Series is titled Fire of the Covenant; which is evident once you read the book.

Below are tentative titles for the planned four books in the series:

Book One – Fire of the Covenant

Book Two – The Sword and The Staff

Book Three – Unnamed

Book Four – Unnamed

Book Five — Unnamed

However, this may all change. I might only have three books in the series or it might go to five, but for now I am shooting for four books.

So there you have it. How I (and my characters & Muse) came up with the titles for the series and the books.

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