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It was a Dark and Storm Night…

Well, I didn’t make it up — I have actually seen several books that start with this line or something very similar. Thank goodness my novel does not. Willow just gave me a look like it would be the last thing I ever did. I mean it worked well for Snoopy, even though he stole it from Victorian novelist Edward Bulwer-Lytton who used it as his opening sentence in his 1830 novel Paul Clifford.

Oh didn’t I mention. Willow says I am forgetful at times. And my wife whole-heartedly agrees. Lesson Nine has been fantastic. I started writing my novel. As you can see from my Word Count, at the top of the page, I have been making good progress. This evening I actually finished the First Draft of Chapter 2. I use to spend so much time starting and stopping as I tried to figure out a Character’s name, or the description of object, or what a particular location should look like. I just write. If I come to a character or a place and if Willow doesn’t give me a name right off the bat, I just put [NAME]. It is so freeing and refreshing. It makes writing so much more enjoyable than it use to be.

I also recently uploaded new software, called Scrivener, designed for professional writers that makes everything so much more organized and really helps with the writing.

It is so funny, I had this idea in my mind for how the novel would start, the opening scene. But when I went to write it, I started off with what I had originally planned as Chapter 3.  And it works a lot better than my original plan.

Yes, yes, I know it was you who told me to do that. Willow requires a lot of atta-boys (or atta-girls as the case may be). Actually, I got the idea from a couple of other writers in Holly’s forums. But it was Willow who took that advice and actually turned it into reality.

I am trying to write at least five days a week. So far so good, but we will see how that holds up over time. There are times that I can’t wait to sit down and start writing — almost painful if I don’t. Like a gnawing in my stomach. Other times I feel blank (thankfully the times of gnawing greatly outweigh the blank times).

I should be getting Lesson Ten this week though I have no idea what it entails. I am only on Lesson Nine, with seventeen more Lessons to go, so I can’t wait to see where this is all going to lead. I know there is a lot more to learn, like what to do when you are halfway through your story, after months of writing, and just want to kill off your characters because you have spent every day with them and they have eaten up a big part of your life. She teaches you how to love your characters once again. This is only one of many things coming up that I am looking forward too.

So continue to follow me, continue to encourage me, continue to help me through this process. I sincerely appreciate it and can not thank you enough for your support. After all, without you, it might have been It was a Dark and Stormy Night…

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