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Mapping my Mind

No, you can’t do it,” the voice screamed wildly, “I won’t let you do it!“. After about an hour of this type of incessant ranting I finally told my Internal Editor (IE) to just shut up and keep quiet while the Muse and I worked on Lesson Two. I would like to say that IE fell right in line and sat patiently waiting for us to finish working on the lesson. Sadly, this was not to be. But more on this later.

If Lesson One was a test of my willingness to let my Muse run loose, then Lesson Two created full-fledged anguish. After getting rid of Obstacles in Lesson One (or at least starting on them) in Lesson Two we were told to create a Map based upon the random exuberant mutterings of my Muse. Using a combination of six different questions, such as “I am drawn to…”, my Muse just wrote what ever came to their mind (or actually my mind). You would be surprised how many things my Muse is drawn too. Evidently I like sunlight and panda bears (I knew about Winnie the Pooh, but panda bears?), and all sorts of other weird and unrelated things.

Now you can image what sort of conniptions the IE was going through during this process. I think we actually broke out in a sweat. And even while my Muse was having a blast writing whatever came to mind, I (or I will blame it on IE) was trying to organize the information some how. I was totally cringing at some of the things that Muse was putting on the paper (actually six sheets of paper taped together). And actually embarrassed by a couple of them. But that was the assignment. No editorial review or criticism.

As it turned out it was extremely difficult yet very liberating. Being given permission to write without editorial review was something I have never experienced before. Like most things in life, on one hand it was so much fun that I had trouble stopping, but on the other hand it was a very tense and troubling time. But I am very glad I did it.

As I understand, Lesson Three will use the Map created in Lesson Two. But please don’t tell IE — he things it will be his turn and I am not ready to deal with him at the moment.

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