Maps In an epic adventure, it can be difficult to keep track of where the characters are, have been, and going. Maps make this a wee bit easier. Click on the Title or the Map and it will take you to a page where you can see, download, and print detailed high-resolution maps from all the books.
Character List Reading an epic fantasy series requires a certain degree of dedication and persistent.  Besides suspending common belief to accept a world unlike any you’ve encountered before, there are the characters. In the Dragon-Called series, there are hundreds of characters, and it can be a wee bit daunting to keep up with who’s who. To help, click on the Title or the Twins to the left and see, download, and print out a list of all the characters and who they are.
Glossary & Miscellaneous In a Fantasy world there are many terms and concepts that people may not be familiar with. A Glossary can help to provide clarity on some of the terminology and “unique” ideas used in the World of Athule. A few additional bits of information such as the Colors and Heraldry for each of the main kingdoms have been added at the end of the glossary (that’s the Miscellaneous stuff).  Click on the Title or the Green Dragon to the left and see, download, and print out the Glossary.
World of Athule Athule is a strange and wonderful world. You will encounter different cultures, religions, all too familiar politics, conflict, and of course good & evil.  You will also discover the Essence of the Goddess, the Burning Lady, and be immersed in the magic of the Goddess’ realm, the il fennore, and its antithesis, the Shadows. Click on the Title or the Ying-Yang Dragons to read more.
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