One of the things that makes a fantasy novel so fascinating is the world that is created by the author. Normally this is a world that doesn’t exist, except in the author’s mind, or a variation of the real world we all share. The only problem with this is that the Reader may sometimes have difficulty figuring out where the characters are, geographically speaking, at any one point in the novel.

This is why Maps are such a great addition to a fantasy story. You, the Reader, can easily orient yourself to the characters’ locations and the general geography as a whole.

I mean, seriously, how else will you find your way from one Kingdom to another and where the good guys fled from the pursuing villains?  

What would an epic Fantasy adventure be without maps? Ideally, you’ll get lost in the story, but not get lost in the Fantasy world. That’s why you need a map. All the below maps are in one or more of the books. However, if you click on each of the maps below, you will see high quality details, that you can zoom in on, to help you better locate places, characters, and yourself, in the saga. 

To download a specific map, click on a map below, then after the map appears in a new window, “right click” on the map and you will be able to zoom in on the map or Select “Save image as…” and an image file (.PNG) will be downloaded for you to print out or look at on your computer or mobile device.

Dragon-Called Series

Map of Taran
Map of Cainwen
Map of Franchon
Map of Haldane
Map of The Open Lands
Map of Kieran
Map of Western Kieran
Map of Central Kieran
Map of Daere Mawr
Map of Lemaire's Vale
Map of Kurultai
Map of The Nest

The Dragon Whisperer

Map of Reinlanden
Stronghold, Aglarale
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