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Meet Willow – Part I

I just wanted to drop a note to let everyone know I am still around and working on my Revision. And that is the reason I have not been around. Over the next weeks I will be working hard to get it finished and then sent off to my Editor so he can fix my grammatically-challenged writing.  Still looking at this Summer, later this Summer, to publish.

I have had several people ask me about my Muse, Willow. They are curious about her and want to know more. So I thought the rest of you would like to know a little bit more about her and Muses in general. I thought handling it like they do in magazine interviews would be fun.

It Is What It Is: So Willow, how did you come to be who you are?

Willoe: Peter was taking Holly’s How To Think Sideways (HTTS) course and in one of the lessons she talks about getting to know your Muse. She said to personalize it. So I remember being woken up as Peter started to think about what his Muse looked like. At first I morphed through all kinds of creatures and people. And by the way, I am still a little spiffed by that. Changing from a rabbit to a wolf to all sorts of different bodies. Regardless, I finally ended with this body.

IIWII: And it is really nice by the way [I was rewarded with a laugh]. Regarding you name. Willow is a bit different. Did you come up with it or did Peter?

W: Actually that was my idea. After all I am the creative one [She laughed again as she said this]. Peter needed a Muse that would be sympathetic and empathic at the same time. One that would understand what he needed without him asking. Yet the Muse also had to be strong and kick him in the butt when needed. In addition, Peter also needed a Muse that could be strong and a foundation for him as he weathered all his mood swings. Not uncommon among writers by the way. Plus since the day Peter realized he had a Muse; which wasn’t until after he started the HTTS course, he had envisioned the Muse as something mystical almost whispy.

IIWII: And from this you came up with the name Willow?

W: Yes. I came up with dozens and dozens of possible names, but none of them struck me as just right for Peter’s Muse. Then I saw a picture of a Willow tree and remembered that it was one of Peter’s Wife’s favorites. The tree has deep roots that create a strong foundation. It provides a good cover for those under it. And best of all the long graceful slender branches bend with the changing wind, never breaking, swaying with the mood of the ever-changing wind and then returning to its original and stable position. And what is more mystical looking and whispy than…A Willow…Me!

IIWII: Very interesting. You’ve been with Peter, what–

W: A little over a year now. As I mentioned, he didn’t even know I existed until the Spring of 2012.

IIWII: Yes, it seems like you are getting along famously. How do the two of you work together? Does he come to you when he needs inspiration? Or do you come to him when you have an idea?

W: Oh it started like that. He would get bogged down and ask me for some inspiration or occasionally I would bring something to him. Then it evolved into what we have today…a collaboration. When Peter sits down to write I am there with him, every single time. We toss ideas around and between the two of us we come up with the perfect lines to put into the story. I think he is very happy with the way it is working…I am.

IIWII: I know this is kind of personal, but do you ever have an argument?

W: Have you ever read any of the previous Posts here in this blog? We argue all the time. But what we argue about is the story. We fight like cats and dogs, clawing and scratching to make our story that much better. Both of us have high expectations and we won’t let each other settle for just Okay.

IIWII: I see. Yes I have read many of the past Post; which is what prompted my question. But your explanation adds a whole new perspective that I had not considered. Thank you.

W: I am sorry, but Peter and I are extremely busy right now with Revision. Maybe we could continue this interview at a later date.

IIWII: Well thank you Willow. I look forward to that. Any last words for our Readers?

Willow: Tell them to be patient and stick with us and they will not be sorry. The more we do this the better we are becoming. We both really hated Revision at first, lots of detail work; and anyone that knows Peter knows that he is a big picture type of guy – detail translates to agonizing drudgery for Peter. But we stuck with it and we think you will be very happy with the end result.  I also think you will find Peter’s plans for his future writing very interesting. But I will hold off more details about this for another time.

It Is What It Is: She smiled as she said this and I could see a little of what Peter saw in her. Confident, intelligent, argumentative and compassionate at the same time. Plus not bad to look at. I had asked Peter earlier what he saw in Willow and he told me that she reminded him of the women in his life. Between his wife and daughters he saw all the characteristic I just mentioned. They had the confidence, intelligence, compassion, and beauty that came out in Willow. I jokingly asked him about the argumentative part. His response was “Oh Yeah. That too!”

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