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Ashes of the Dragon Released

The novella, Ashes of the Dragon, is now available in Print and Kindle versions at Amazon This short book is another story set in the world of Athule. While it is part of the Dragon-Called series, it is not the long awaited third book in the series. It is a mild divergence from the main story line–a new set of characters that have not yet been seen in the first two books, Fire of the Covenant and Betrayal of the Covenant. I wrote this originally as a story, separate from the series, but as I continued to write it I saw a connection between the novella and the series. What this means is that it is possible that some of these new characters may find their way into a future book of the Dragon-Called series main story line. Pick up a copy today and enjoy the story of Revin, one of the only females who hunts wild dragon for trade.

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