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Average Rating
5 out of 5 stars
Based on 9 Reviews

Child-like JOY

It was my intention to take my time reading this book. I had planned a few evenings with dark chocolate and red wine and Ashes of the Dragon. Caught by Revin’s personality and quest I was unable to put the book down. After finishing the book I had a child-like joy in my spirit which was similar to what I experienced as a child after a fulfilling day of imaginary fun being a princess or a fairy from Disney’s Fantasia. Can hardly wait to read your next book Peter!


Time of the Burning….

A young woman travels up into the mountains, searching for an almost-legendary gold dragon. Her goal is to capture it, bring it down to the lowlands, and sell it as a riding beast. What happens is very different, and surprising. There is far too much mystery in this novella for me to say more, without giving spoilers, but it comes to a very satisfactory conclusion.

The characters in this story are appealing; the setting is vivid and interesting. In spite of being part of a wider sequence–the world of Athule–it completely stands on its own. The plot drew me in, even when I thought it was a simple dragon-hunting adventure; it captivated me when it became much more than that.

Elisa Blaisdell

Entertaining from the first to the last page

I admit it, I’m a fan of Peter’s writing and this novella continues his writing track record of a good read. A golden dragon, a quest by a strong female, and a spirit world pulled me into this well-written story. The only problem was that I couldn’t lay the book aside until I had finished reading so that I could discover the details of the secret in the plot.

I recommend this novella and the prior novels Peter has written.

Marlys C.

Peter Cruikshank weaves a wonderful tale

I found this Novella to be very enjoyable reading. Ashes of the Dragon is a well written story with excellent character development. Peter is a wonderful story teller and this novella provides some background information for the Dragon-Called book series. If you love medieval fantasy, good story telling, and enjoyable characters, then this is the perfect novella for you.

Daniel A Brown

I look forward to reading them all

Ashes of the Dragon is a short Novella that takes place in the same world as Peter Cruikshank’s Dragon-Called book series. This story is told through the eyes of Revin, a strong and likeable character. Revin’s destiny and new perspective of her world is slowly revealed to her as she makes her journey. It was fun to discover this new aspect of the Dragon-Called world along side her. It opens the door to more stories. I look forward to reading them all.

Amazon Customer

Not just for fantasy lovers

I don’t usually read fantasy, but was attracted to this novella. It’s a short read (according to Kindle, at my reading speed it took about 1-1/2 hours), but it has just about everything. There’s a little romance, a mystery, and a tough woman heroine. There’s also a golden dragon, a spirit world, and a secret. The settings are well done and easy to picture, and the plot carried me through to the satisfying ending. I really enjoyed it, and will pick up more fantasy novels in the future.

Michele Ivy Davis

Quick Read and Really Good

Peter, I have just finished “Ashes of the Dragon. I kept it on my bedside table for a few days waiting for the right moment to start my adventure with your book. My plan was to slowly sip red wine and unhurriedly enter an imaginary land, taking days to enjoy each chapter and the anticipation and pleasure of living in my imagination for days on end. It did not work out as planned because Revin would not let me walk away from her. “Ashes of the Dragon,” was a fast read that has left me wanting more. Therefore, I am looking forward to reading your “Dragon Called Series.” Peter, thank you for sharing the stories in your head and heart and putting them to print.

Mary Lou Flesh


The story brought me right into the historical period. The suspense of Revin, the other woman and the gathering keep me interested and anxious to discover the secret about it. I like Revin and would like more books with her. Well written and a good read.


I love Peter Cruikshank’s books

I love Peter Cruikshank’s books. I’ve read the Covenant series and await the next novel. In between, this has been a real treat. Nice background for the series and a lot of information and entertainment in a compact novella. I recommend this and the Covenant series for those who enjoy fantasy, excitement and excellent writing.

Barbie Bigelow

Average Rating
4.8 out of 5 stars
Based on 15 Reviews

Don’t Miss This One!!

As intricately woven as Martin’s “Game of Thrones” and mystically enchanting as Rawling’s “Harry Potter”, Peter Cruikshank’s first novel is an amazing read. His style is so clear and the characters so real that I felt I was reading in living color. It is an encompassing tale of magic, and majesty, of dragons and adventure, that has a magnetic grip on the reader. It left me anxiously awaiting the sequel, a feeling I haven’t experienced since Jean Auel’s “Clan of the Cave Bear.”

Ed Kilpatrick

A very well written, engaging, traditional fantasy novel

“Fire of the Covenant” is a very well written, traditional epic fantasy! There is something in here for every reader of fantasy to enjoy – action, adventure, battles, magical creatures…even a smattering of romance. The novel is well structured and moves at a good pace. The action scenes are engrossing and the dialogue convincing. What I want when I read a fantasy novel is to be transported from the hum drum world around me and entertained.

If a book does this and I can visualize it as I read, then I am happy. “Fire of the Covenant” delivered all this! I look forward to the sequel.

Tracy Joyce

Anticipating Volume 2

This was the kind of book I didn’t want to put down. I found myself having to finish the chapter before I would. I liked the way the author was able to paint a picture without droning on and on with way too many unnecessary words, I appreciate the concise way this book is written.
There is much excitement from start to finish. If you enjoy wizards, dragons and elves, mixed with evil priests this novel is a perfect choice.
I recommend this novel whole heartedly.

Barbie Bigelow

Five Stars

Well written book!

Fleurette Runyan

You have been Dragon-Called to read this book

Peter Cruikshank’s Fire of the Covenant (Dragon called legend, book 1) is an outstanding debut novel that is sure to appeal to epic fantasy lovers of all ages.

It’s the story of Princess Willoe – who is much happier with a sword in her hand than socialising with the ladies at court; and her twin brother Prince Rowyn – who would rather be studying in his uncle Brom’s tower than swinging a sword on the training ground.

Unfortunately for the twins their grandfather, the King of Cainwen, has other ideas for them with Willoe to be married off and Rowyn to take up the life of a man-at-arms.

But there is something special about these siblings and the King isn’t the only one who has plans for their future. Pursued by the priests of a religious order who would use the twins’ talents to dominate the world, Willoe and Rowyn come to learn of a covenant made by one of their ancestors with the King of the dragons – and the heartbreaking role they have to play in it.

Or do they?

Fire of the Covenant contains all the elements you’d expect from a classic epic fantasy romp with more battles, magic, elves, dwarves (or dwarf-like creatures), dragons and deities than you can poke a sword at. And while there is plenty of action and intrigue to keep readers turning the pages, the real strength of the story lies in its characters.

Cruikshank has crafted some wonderful characters to fill his well-realised world, with likeable protagonists, deplorable villains and a supporting cast that are full of surprises. I found myself caring about these characters and wanting to know more about them as the story unfolded.

Fire of the Covenant kept me engaged right to the very last page and had me craving the next book in the series.

Highly recommended.

Dave Kearney

Engaging Medieval Fantasy

This is an engaging medieval fantasy novel well worth your time. “Fire of the Covenant” manages to go in unexpected directions while still hitting all the expected fantasy elements from wizards and dwarfs and dragons to expert swordsmen and charming ladies. There are four major protagonists, and each has an interesting role to play, an aspect which feels fresh to me. Scene to scene, there is always something to keep you moving forward into the story, always a reason to turn the page. I stayed involved in the story and in its world, and look forward to reading the next books in the series as they become available.


A Good Read for Dragon Lovers

Peter’s words paint a picture of a magical world of action, intrigue and even humor.
Those who love Medieval Fantasy will truly enjoy this book.


Can’t wait to read the next book in the series.

A very well-paced medieval fantasy. Complicated, well-developed characters. A coming of age story that focused around the characters destinies. The world was well-built and believable. Grand adventure, intrigue, magic, and secrets. It held all your favorite fantasy types dwarfs, elves, magic workers, dragons, and goddesses. It was a long read, but well worth your time if you enjoy epic fantasy e.g. Tolkien or even Terry Brooks type style epic fantasy. It definitely leaves you wanting to read the next leg of the saga for the series. Looking forward to reading more.

Juneta Key

Loved Reading This

I found this book fantastic. Compelling and original storyline. The author layered a solid fictional history, deep character development, and exciting action into what I hope will become the foundation of an epic series. I can’t wait to see what this author does in the future.

Dave Cowen

Exciting, engaging, full of twists and turns!

This book is well-written with likable and well-developed characters. The action is believable and exciting, and even the fantastical seems possible in this world. The maps provide guidance and realism as characters travel place to place, and the descriptions of each location, character, and event make it easy to visualize. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys fantasy stories and is in 9th grade or older.

Christy Watson

Enchanting YA Fantasy

A very well-paced medieval fantasy. Complicated, well developed characters. A coming of age story that focus around the characters destinies. The world was well built and believable. Grand adventure, intrigue, magic, and secrets. It held all your favorite fantasy types dwarfs, elves, magic workers, dragons and goddesses. It was a long read, but well worth your time if you enjoy epic fantasy e.g. Tolkien or even Terry Brooks type style epic fantasy. It definitely leaves you wanting to read the next leg of the saga for the series. Looking forward to reading more.

TheJadedKat Addicted to Kindle

Excellent book!

OK, I can do the normal thing and speak about character development, great writing, great story, but I’m not. What my review comes down to is this – I finished the book and was left wanting the story to continue! I can’t wait for the next book. Actually I really need the second book!

Susan Klinker

Average Rating
5 out of 5 stars
Based on 4 Reviews

An Epic Adventure

I really enjoyed reading this book as well as the first book “Fire of the Covenant”. It is a wonderful story of bravery and friendship as well as good versus evil. This book is very well-written and a true epic fantasy. I would highly recommend this book to everyone looking for fantasy, or adventure with great characters and a very rich plot. The author spent a tremendous amount of time imagining this world and the beings and creatures that dwell within. There is rich complexity to all the characters and filled with enough action and adventure to satisfy any diehard “Lord of the Rings” reader. I would highly recommend this book as well as the “Fire of the Covenant” to any fan of the epic fantasy, adventure genre.

Daniel Brown

Well Worth the Wait

Having read the first book, I was very excited for the second.
I was a bit impatient, but it was well worth the wait.
The transition from first to second book was flawless.
Although, I’ve never been big on battles, this was written in such a manner that it wasn’t offensive or ‘draggy’. It was enjoyable riding along as the twins begin to mature. The characters have become more real and more liked, as well as, disliked. It was a wonderful way to introduce us to the dragons! Mr. Cruikshank is a truly gifted writer and brings life to his characters and to the story. Alas, I now have to try and contain my patience for installment #3. I will look forward to greeting my Covenant friends! ( soon, I hope ? )

Barbie Bigelow

Best Thing I Have Read in a Very Long Time

I couldn’t wait for the 2nd book to come out and it did not disappoint!! There were some surprising twists that were outstanding. It is seldom that I am shocked by a story line as you can usually guess what is going to happen. But I have to say that this book really kept me on my toes. It was vivid and had a great plot. I can’t wait for the third one. The author did an incredible and amazing job of really bringing you into the realm of the twins.

Beth Sanders

Wonderful sequel!

The first book left me anxious for the second and I was not disappointed! The further the story unfolds the more complex and interesting it gets! The character’s are maturing and their adventures hold my attention without fail! I can’t wait to see what happens next!


Average Rating
5 out of 5 stars
Based on 1 Reviews

A Great Story!

I wasn’t sure if the 3rd book was going to be as good as the first two, but I’m not disappointed. Quest of the Covenant carries on the story flawlessly. It was a thrill to catch up with all the characters I’ve come to love, and was happily surprised to meet the new characters. The story just keeps getting better and I can’t wait to see what happens with some of the romance stories that Peter interwove in with the action and suspense. Overall, it was worth the wait and on edge waiting for the final book in the series. Highly recommend the series,

Cortina G,