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Revision on the Mountain Top

Peter in JulianSorry for not Posting more often. I have been working really hard on the Revision of Dragon Called (the new name for Book One of my series) and proud to say I am halfway through Revision. My lovely wife sent me away to the mountains for a week, for my $%@ Birthday, so I could power through the second quarter of the Revision process. And yes, I at first also wondered why she wanted to get rid of me for an entire week, but I am confident that it was purely altruistic. The picture to the right is of me hard at work in my little mountain hotel room – and little it was. But it met my needs. Bed, TV (had to catch the golf tournament), shower (working ten hours a day in a little room can create a certain odors), and a window (got to have natural light). The little folding desk, in the picture, and wine bottle opener, not in the picture, I brought up with me. Both were critical for the week.

While I really enjoyed my time in the mountains, and feel so great about being halfway through Revision, at the same time it has been a little depressing. Which really surprised me.

“Why were you surprised?” There she was again. Not sure what name you give to something that is a curse and a blessing at the same time.

I really didn’t want to talk to my Muse about this right now. She’s not known for her compassion.

“So why were you surprised?” She was pretty adamant to get an answer. Have you ever seen a dog that gets a hold of the end of a cloth and won’t let go. Just shaking it’s head back and forth trying to get the other end of the cloth out of your hands.

Sometimes it is easier just to rip the band aid off quickly rather than slowly. This was one of those times so I told her. “One of the things I have found out about writing is that it is REALLY hard. Writing the First Draft was hard. Took me around eight months, though my hope is that the next book will take less time as I have learned quite a few tricks since I started Book One. ”

“Remember, I was there.” She frowned and crossed her arms over her chest. That’s bad for me. Then she shifted to one hip. That’s a lot worse.

“Yes, I know.” And sometimes you find out the bleeding hasn’t stopped when you rip off the band aid. “But Revision is taking several months and it makes the writing of the First Draft seem like a breeze. And when I was working on the Revision with Ed Asner–”

The sound of gravel being dumped from a truck flooded the room and my Internal Editor, Ed Asner, walked in the door right behind Willow. “Excuse me Miss.” He tapped Willow on the shoulder.

“Oh great” Willow strutted into the room and plopped into her chair. The one I can never find, or even see, when she isn’t in the room.

Ed Asner walked in and pulled up a chair. He wiggled into the seat and leaned back with his hands together resting on his stomach. “Come on Will, you know he’s depressed because he’s in the first part of Revision. You know…when he needs to find all the stuff that went wrong with the First Draft.” His smile dripped with sarcasm.

“There’s nothing wrong with—” she shot up in her seat. She hated it when he called her Wil.

“Now just hold on you two.” I stood and got between them. “The first part of Revision is about finding out what is wrong with the manuscript,” I turned to Willow and opened my arms to show my vulnerability, “And I take full blame for any issues.” She huffed and sat back in the chair and I turned towards Ed Asner whose smirk had grown and I told him, “But the second half of Revision is back to writing and correcting what was found in the first half. Taking the ugly and making it beautiful” His smirk disappeared and his normal grumpy frown replaced it. I didn’t mean to create an analogy between the first half of Revision to Ed Asner and the second half to Willow. However, the imagery of a Disney movie came to mind, though romance is definitely out of the question and Ed is never going to turn into a handsome prince. But other than that it fits.

After a few moments he stood and said, the gravel in his voice rumbling again, “Well I have business to take care of. There are still problems that need to be identified.” He left the room and I turned just in time to see Willow sticking her tongue out at his back.

She threw both legs over the side of the chair and leaned back against the other arm, her blond hair hanging down nearly touching the floor. “So when do you and Grumpy finish up so I get my turn again?”

“Well, I need to look at the upcoming lessons.” I tried to think what was coming up in the next week or so.

“And…” She waved her hand around in a circle like an Italian friend of mine does when he is trying to make a point. In Willow’s case it was just a sign of impatience.

“I think we are almost there.”

The rolling eyes appeared accompanied by a very loud, and rather obvious, sigh as my delightful Muse seemed to be losing patience. Finally, after all the dramatics and another sigh, Willow narrowed her eyes staring at me and said, “Is that a day, a week, two weeks, what? When can we start fixing the manuscript?” she almost gagged on the word fixing.

“Yes well,” I started again. “Let’s say another week, two at the most. Then maybe another six weeks or so of molding the book into what I envisioned–”

“We envisioned!” She corrected me.

“We envisioned.” If it made her feel better. I could already feel the depression lifting as I thought about finally being able to go in and take all those blemishes and making them beautiful again.

“Good” She finally smiled, then I could see her mind working. “I have a couple of other story ideas I want us to work on that I haven’t been able to shake.”

Oh great. We haven’t even finished this book and she is already thinking of more projects! More Revisions 🙁

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