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Snippets Part I

I promised, when I started this website, that I would provide snippets of the book to give my Readers an early look. And I take pinky swears seriously. Below are some random snippets from different chapters early in the book. These are not necessarily the best, as I did not want to make this like a movie trailer, where all the good scenes are shown before you even see the movie. I just picked a few, and ones that would not spoil the story for you.

My editor may have my head for posting this (an intentional medieval reference to punishment 🙂 ). He has not had a chance to edit these snippets, so please excuse any grammatical transgressions as I sometimes find myself grammatically-challenged.

With that caveat, please enjoy the below and look for more in the future. These were taken from only a few of the chapters and only from the first quarter of the book.


“What about this one? It is different than the rest.” Emeline moved to the final tapestry hanging by itself on a wall, at the end facing back down the hall.

The tapestry took up much of the wall itself. It was the only scene in the entire hall that did not contain a battle scene. Most of the tapestry was taken up by a dragon that stood on it’s hind legs and towered over a lone man. The tapestry was so large the creature stood as high as three men giving it an even more terrifying appearance. The dragon had a long boney snout with two horns that curved up like a wave. Spikes sprouted at the crown of its heads getting smaller as they ran down the spine to the end of the tail. Large wings splayed from just behind the front legs to just above the rear ones. The scales were layered over the entire body with the exception of the chest and under belly. A yellowish-gold colored yarn was used to recreate the scales; which reminded Aeron of a topaz gem his mother had worn several times.

Aeron walked up and put his hand on the fabric. “This is the oldest tapestry in Castle Westhedge. Maybe even all of Cainwen.”

Who is the man?” She stepped up and touched the image of the man in front of the dragon. He wasn’t dressed in metal or leather as the subjects of the previous hangings, but in a colorful robe. Unlike the other subjects he didn’t have brown or blond hair, but a bright red mane that more closely resembled Aeron’s twin cousins.

“It is reported to be King Cormac. The bards tell a tale that he called upon the golden dragon to save his people, our ancestors, from a great evil that had infected the land.”


She gasped and could feel the stew coming back up in her throat. She turned away to face Casandra and took a couple of deep breaths to keep her food down. A thought raced through her mind The essence was the same, she couldn’t be mistaken. She would never forget how it felt as the assassin pulled her next to his body and the pungent scent that covered his clothing. It reminded her of incense, nutty, but bitter.


“I…I,” Rowyn stuttered, the look on his face reminded Willoe of how a rabbit must feel with a hawk circling overhead. He finally answered,  “I was not trying to impress you Grandfather.”

The King shook his head and sighed. “A shame. I had hopes.”


“Evade who?” Rowyn was startled by Cian’s comment.

Focused on the food bag, Cian casually commented, “The Red Caps of course.”

“Red Caps?”

“Yes.” Cian turned back to Rowyn as he placed the bag on the ground. He shook his head and pursed his lips. “Very nasty creatures. They are small.” He held out his hand level with his waist. “Some folks even mistake them for Brownies, but they are nothing alike. It is easy to tell a Red Cap. They have blazing red eyes and have a long white beard.” He turned back and started to unstrap the saddle.


He started to argue the point for the fifth time in as many hours when he suddenly collapsed to the ground as if his bones had dissolved. He lay there, on his side, in the grass, his thoughts jumbled. He stared, the blades of grass blocking much of his view. He could hear Saraid yelling in the background as the green blades faded into darkness.


The familiar swish of metal followed by a dull sound, like the slap of a butcher cutting up a cow, also an all too familiar sound, came from behind him. His breath started coming quicker as the same sound was rapidly repeated five more times. The smell of fresh blood drifted up to his nose; which contrasted with the spicy nut odor he was now picking up from the man in front of him. “I’ll give back the money.”

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