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So Where Did It Come From?

Curtesy of http://jodyhedlund.blogspot.comA question I often get is how did you come up with the story line for Fire of the Covenant.

The reality is that it was an intentional accident.

I was taking an on-line course with an author, Holly Lisle, and one of the exercises was to create three sentences, one each for three different story lines. Each sentence had to include certain components that I am not at liberty to share since it is not my course.

Nevertheless, I wrote up the three sentences and spent several weeks trying to refine them. One of the story lines really stood out to me. There was the idea of this character, the child of a crown prince, but doesn’t know the identity of his/her mother. Eventually, this character gets caught up in the middle of a war between some bad guys, who as I wrote it morphed into evil priests from the East, and the character’s father’s people.

But there was something missing. The story seemed like dozens of other stories anyone can find on Amazon. I tried to figure out what might make it a little different, a bit more exciting. That is when I thought of twins, but even that was not too uncommon, so I dug deeper. Maybe if they could switch places that would give me something to play with. I might have subconsciously remembered some old classics like the Prince and the Pauper, though I didn’t consciously consider that until much later.

To make it even more warped, I wondered what would happen if the twins were a brother and sister, such that switching places added even more challenges for the twins to overcome.

I played with this idea for a while and kept revising the story line, adding in something that has always drawn me to the books I read: dragons, Elves, and some type of magic. It wasn’t long before I realized that the story would never fit into a single book, and even today I am not sure if the series will be four or five books.

Needless to say, the story idea grew and as I wrote Fire of the Covenant, it expanded even more. My original plan for where to end the first book quickly went by the wayside as more characters and additional story lines were added to the book. What you see in Fire of the Covenant is probably a few hundred pages less than what I intended. This is one reason I have not finalized how many books will be in the Dragon-Called Legend series. I know myself too well.

I have a good idea on how the story lines will continue in the other books and how the overall series will end. As was shown by how different story lines were added and the number of the characters grew with Fire of the Covenant, I have no doubt the same will happen in the other books of the series. Even while writing this Post, I have an idea for a new character. I am smiling as I just realized how this character is really going to complicate Rowyn’s life 🙂

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