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Spiros and Magic

Hello again. It be told to me that you be peering around Taran and wanted to know more about our fair land. Soo what can Dilys be telling you now. What be your interest? What can I help you to understand?

You say you read in one of the website’s post (  that the story had a wee bit of magic. And you have heard a bit about Spirit in your wanders far and wide around Taran. Well, aye, they both be important in Taran. Fun for ye when ye find they be linked from one to the other. Soo we can’na talk all about the Spirit and magic if ye wish and little by little we will have the truth of it all.

First off your mind may flit here and there as your ears take in all the words from my mouth. The magic from where ye be coming from is all illusion and misdirection. In Taran, magic be of a different sort. In all our land Wizards rely upon the Spiros to perform their incantations.

Spiros ye say? Ere I have spoken and you don’t understand. Taran, and beyond to the whole of the world of Domhain, be filled with the Spirit. The Spirit be the Burning Lady’s essence. It resides in everything. People, animals, trees, the ground itself, even the wind. Within the Spirit are creatures, beings of a sort that exist for the Burning Lady, but have a bit of will of their own. One with the Spirit, as they be of the same essence, Spiros can a manage and mold the Spirit in all things to their will.

These creatures of the Spirit world, essences that exist but be not seen, don’t have a longing nor eager to influence the Spirit. But what a Spiro desires more than all else be to exist in the physical world. And the only way that it can happen be to merge with a creature that can cross the line between the physical and Spirit worlds.

Those that can cross the barrier be called Wizards and to a lesser degree Clerics. A Wizard or Cleric calls out into the Spirit world and a Spiro answers. The Spiro becomes one with the Wizard or Cleric and through the Spiro the Wizard or Cleric be able to perform magic.  For Clerics be all humans, unlike Wizards who not be left just humans. A Cleric has developed a special connection to the Spirit world. They can reach out to the Spiros, but their abilities be limited to curing the body. They be Healers. But more than that they have a special affiliation with the Burning Lady. They perform weddings, reside at funerals, and help people to interpret the Burning Lady’s dreams. Wizards be more wide ranging. They can control all sorts of objects. Yet it takes a very powerful Wizard to control higher living objects akin to animals and people.

But as with all the things of life there be consequences. A Spiro and a Wizard become as one. The Spiro sees through the Wizard’s eyes, hears through the Wizard’s ears, and feels what the Wizard feels. To satisfy the Wizard’s desires the Spiro will feed off the Spirit in the Wizard, the Wizard’s life force. The Wizard must balance their conjuring against their own life force. A strong Wizard be able to stretch the incantation out over time and even drain the Spirit of objects around them. So it be dangerous to tarry around a strong Wizard if they be working up a powerful incantation. This not make them all mighty. The hitch in the wagon is that the strong Wizard must bring themselves to near depletion before they can draw on the Spirit around them.

But even the strongest of Wizards, if they draw too much on themselves, they be drained of their entire Spirit and succumb to a most ugly demise. But there be exceptions to every rule.

Hopefully ye nev’r come across one of these exceptions…a Shade! Ere let me tell ye. If your mind be up to it, imagine evil. Nay, not a kind of evil like a thief in the night or one who takes another life, but evil with a purity that exceeds all other evil. And some be said to say that the mind of a Shade be not well. Aye, one that does evil be not well in the mind, but a Shade…a Shade be truly unbalanced. I think a word in your world be demented. Surely if you ere cross paths with a Shade, fortune shall shine on you if you be breathing at the end.

Aye, I said one of the exceptions and ye be correct that others exist. The other one be those that are Dragon-Called. Rare they be and only exist at times of great need. But ye may already know a wee bit about this if ye be reading other parts of the website.

Oh, before I leave ye to travel more of my homeland, Taran. I near forgot my mind worried on far flung subjects. the Dragon-Called be the the other side of Shades, they be as good as a Shade be evil and their power be able to match a Shade. But for a Dragon-Called, death be a near certainty unless they be able to control and redirect the Heat inside them.

Heat you ask? Ah, well that be other time. I have to beat a path as I heard the roar of a Shade. Goodbye and blessings on ye, go carefully with a full cup.


  1. Interesting wizardry, Birte! It’s good to see that you’re well and safe–for the moment. Look out for those shades!

    • Birte the Piskie says

      You be talking the truth. Shades be a fierce thing to come up against. Thank ye though for your concern. I be safe as a Skylark in the deep of the woods with a Hawk overhead. They cana see we and I be free to go bout me business. The Magic of Taran be a wonderful blessing and it be a curse all the same. Thank ye for your kind and gentle words.

  2. Hello, this is Texanne’s 10th grade granddaughter who she asked about the title yesterday.
    I didn’t take the time to ask the necessary questions to make a good decision about my thoughts on the title and mistook the Fire themed titles, thinking they’d end up too similar to another author’s titles. I can only remember one of the titles from the series at the time, “Frostfire”, but it is definitely different from what I’d thought at first.
    Anyway, these questions I came up with, while relevant to my thoughts on the titles, may not be things you want to reveal and I completely understand that.
    Are there Dragons in the literal term, as in flying, fire-breathing lizards, are the Dragon Called shape shifters or are the Dragon Called sometimes just called Dragons?
    Are the main protagonists restricted to Fire magic?

    Peter–This is Texanne, Cheyenne’s grandmother. She has given up trying to leave a comment because my mother’s TV is going too loud for us to think. Chey did have quite a few other questions, but can’t think of what they are right now.

    She also says that the “fire” themed series she mentioned yesterday really wasn’t, now that she considered it, anything like yours.

    More when we can. :)TX

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