Dragon Tales

I love to read, but a problem I've had with some books, particularly big epic stories, is that the characters appear with little knowledge of their past. Hopefully, we, the Reader, are quickly provided with enough information through their actions and how others interact with them, to figure out something about their personality, goals, strengths, faults, and other traits that make them unique.

However, I'm normally left wondering...how did they get that way...what made them who they are? This is why I love it when the author provides a character's background story.

Unfortunately, there's only so much of that which can be done within the tale itself, without making it an "info dump".

That's why I started the Dragon Tales.  It is a series of short stories that provide a little history regarding the more prominent Dragon-Called characters. Each Chapter in the Dragon Tales will present insight into a specific character. I will attempt to add more chapters as time goes. My goal is to provide as many tales as I can.

Completed: No
Word Count: 11892

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