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The Dragon Whisperer

The Dragon Whisperer, the first book in a new series, is set in a late Medieval time period (arquebus or musket). A Fantasy novel, The Dragon Whisperer takes advantage of the mystery and magic of Athule. A world where light and darkness fight for the Spirits of the people, Elfs, and other creatures that inhabit it. A world where true, Ascendant Dragons are more than just myths.

In a time when dragon-like beast, called dragons, are domesticated and a rebellious baron, supported by a foreign king, threatens to tear the kingdom apart, the future depends upon an orphan, a dragon trainer named Rylan. His gift, the ability to Spirit-link with the dragons he trained, was only the beginning of the talents he would need to develop to defeat the darkness.

Rylan has many obstacles to confront in his journey to discover his gift. The quest becomes complicated when he encounters an odd assortment of companions and is faced with the truth that involves the Burning Lady, the Goddess of the Spirits. This would be difficult enough for most men, but when a powerful Daevian (Demon-like being from the depths of the Shadows) believes Rylan is an obstacle to the Shadow creature’s mission; the Daevian makes it a priority to remove Rylan…at all cost.

Through a chain of strange events, Rylan finds himself in the company of Elfs, a Skinshifter, a mysterious man who claims the Goddess sent him to travel with and guide Rylan, a woman who he is attracted to but seems more intent on getting him killed, an intelligent dragon, and other creatures Rylan thought only existed in the forklore of the common man.

The Dragon Whisperer is being queried to Agents/Publishers. If you are one of these and interested in receiving a Query, please contact me through the website.

Click here to see Maps from the book.

Click here to see List of Characters and other Information


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