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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Okay this is not a description of my planned trilogy (at least I hope not).

“No! No! No! No!”

“Hush” Excuse me. Sorry for the interruption. Willow (see Meet Willow) was beating on my back and yelling in my ear.

“Now my dear, why don’t you have a seat and wait your turn.” I was really getting frustrated with her, but I tried to keep my inner voice calm and rationale.

Oh sorry, let me explain. I finished Lesson Three and just now starting Lesson Four. Evidently Willow thought this course was going to be all about her and she just found out that it was IE’s turn in Lesson Four. She is not happy and is throwing a bit of a fit.

“I am NOT! He’s going to mess up my stories and if you think I am going to sit back and let…”

“Just shut up and sit DOWN”. So much for calm and rationale.

Oh, oh. She is sitting in the corner and sulking. That can’t be good. Oh well, there’s nothing that can be done about it. At least she is quite.

Back to Lesson Four. If you remember in Lesson Two, Willow and I created a map of words and phrases that were important to me (it could just as easily have been a list). I won’t go into how that happened because it would give away too many details about the course and that would violate my agreement with Holly. Sufficient to say that it was eye-opening and at the same time inspiring. In Lesson Three Willow again had a free hand to come up with three story lines based upon the map created in Lesson Two. But now in Lesson Four Willow will be taking a backseat and IE will be looking at the three story lines and determining which ones are Good; which ones are Bad; and which ones are just plain Ugly — see how I tied this into the title for this Post — I might make it as a writer yet 😉

Hmmm, when I just said IE would review the story lines and determine the quality, Willow just smirked and gave a little grunt. I really don’t understand women at all. I know that is a cliche, but I am pretty sure cliche or not I am going to pay for this some how in the future.

Regardless, I have just started Lesson Four and can’t wait to see how one determines if a story will be good or not. I hope the first thing Holly does, in this lesson, is explain what “good” looks like. So look for my next Post to see if any of the story lines Willow and I created in Lesson Three are Good, Bad, or Ugly.

If you don’t want to guess when the next Post will come out, go ahead and submit your e-mail address in the field in the right hand column and you will get a notification when I put up the next Post. You won’t receive any other e-mails from me and I don’t know anyone important enough to sell your e-mail address to (bummer), so you don’t need to worry about that either.

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