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Sixteen year old Princess Willoe is to be sent away in seclusion prior to being married off as a political necessity, rather than be allowed to fulfill her dreams of competing in a man’s world . Meanwhile her twin, Prince Rowyn, is being forced to take up a soldier’s life with men who show him no love, rather than retreating into a life of study and contemplation. The twins decide, with the help of their cousins Aeron and Casandra, to take one last chance to experience their dreams by temporarily switching places.

A plan that has potential if not for two things: Foreign priests of the Shin-il Way, who see the twins as necessary to the priests’ domination of the world; and the Burning Lady, goddess over the spirit world of magic, who requires that the twins fulfill a covenant that a distant ancestor of theirs had made with the king of the dragons.

As the twins follow separate paths, the Shin-il priests’ plans become obvious and Willoe must continue in her brother’s role, using her newfound abilities to become a leader of the same men-at-arms who once mocked her brother. And Rowyn must first accept that Elves exist–and then believe them when they tell him he is more than a wizard.

The close family bond between the four cousins can help them confront any danger, but when they discover that the twins’ new abilities may demand that one of the twins must die, they may need more help.

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