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Under the Willow

“Okay, you go watch the golf tournament and I will find something to keep me busy”, I tried to be as nonchalant as possible with an air of breezy unconcern.

“Well, if you think it would be okay?” He wasn’t really sure about it, but he wanted to see how Woods was doing, so he shrugged his shoulders and said, “I won’t be long so if you need anything, let me know.” There was no doubt he was eager to plop down in front of the TV. “Don’t get into trouble, I will be back shortly.” Then he FINALLY left.

Oh, I forgot to mention, this is Willow talking. The above conversation was earlier. Right now Peter and IE are in front of the TV getting excited about watching some other testosterone infused men beating poor defenseless little balls to death. I will never understand guys. But luckily it isn’t my job to understand them. As I see it, they need to understand me 🙂

Regardless, while they have their logical minds engaged in senseless endeavors, I tackled The Sentence again. Yes, I know Peter said in his last Post that he was finished with The Sentence and Lesson Four. But he was wrong. He thought it was locked down and then boom, it all blew up in his face. As it turns out even after he thought he had finished The Sentence he kept fluctuating between a theme based upon an Internal (Protagonist dealing with some internal issue) vs. an External (some external Antagonist that stood in the way of the Protagonist) struggle. Which has a major impact on The Sentence. After the last Post he realized he had not come to conclusion on this issue.

So we all (me, Peter, and IE) looked at The Sentence again, got more advice and guidance from other writers in the forums and rewrote The Sentence another dozen times changing the perspective back-and-forth from Internal to External struggle. He was just getting more-and-more frustrated and IE was no help (like he ever is regardless of what Peter says in his Post). So I sent them both off to watch what they call a sport (I mean seriously, no one even gets hit by other players).

When they were out of the room I quickly sat down at the computer and went back through all the feedback from the forums and from Holly. I read everything and just let the words float around for a while (IE would have probably wasted time creating a chart, list, or something equally useless). Then it came to me. In putting The Sentence together we had not captured why the Protagonist wanted what they wanted. Where was the motivation for their actions? Why are they going to do what they end up doing in the story. The story is about a teenage girl, in a Medieval fantasy setting, who becomes a swordsman and wants to be a knight. But why? Did she suffer from gender envy or what? So I thought about it. After all a teenage girl was someone I could easily connect with. And then it hit me. I had the solution. And I wish I could tell you what it is, but I don’t think Peter would appreciate that at the moment. Maybe later.

Well, with this new insight in mind I rewrote The Sentence and the formula that led up to it. Yes I worked with the formula. It provides a good guideline and helps to put a little structure to one’s thoughts, but some folks (IE) take it too seriously.

While the boys were still occupied I posted the new Sentence along with the revised formula, to Peter’s writer Forums. The response was phenomenal. The few folks who responded, loved it. This encouraged me so much that I quickly sent if off directly in an e-mail to Holly.

Fast forward a little. “You did what?” Peter was not what I would exactly call excited with what I had done. Well, he was excited, but not in that good sort of happy way. My excuse is that I don’t have one. I don’t need excuses. Ah, it is good to be a Muse 😉

IE sat back smugly, the corner of his lips turning up just a little. “I told you she was out of control.” Actually it has been one of the few times I have seen him without a grouchy old frown on his face. I like the frown better. His smile looks too sinister.

In the midst of the lecturing (Peter is good at that) we heard a ding (well not really a ding, but I don’t know how to describe the tone Peter picked for his e-mail – some weird musical thing). We all turned to the computer and there it was, an e-mail from Holly in response to the one I sent her. This could just as easily be another “Well good try, but back to the drawing board”.

Peter closed one eye (not sure why?) and clicked on the e-mail. Rather than explain, I will just quote what Holly had to say. “Bingo. That, my friend, is a kick-ass sentence.”

“Hah!” That is all I said. After all I am a lady. But “kick-ass”. Peter was floating around the room like a run-away Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade giant balloon (maybe Snoopy).

So I am forgiven. But still had to listen to the same old lecture about working together, focusing on the process, yada, yada, yadda. Like it really makes a difference. So the end result, we FINALLY have The Sentence to go forward with. This time for sure. A big shout out to the writers on the forum who have been helping me. It has made a difference.

Oh, by the way Peter refuses to put names to the main characters at this point. He thinks it will get in the way of his writing. But what he doesn’t know is that I already named the Girl!

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