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Updated Maps

I saw that Dilys recently sent out another Character Description, this one on Casandra. Thanks Dilys.

I am nearly complete, if not totally finished, with the maps that will be going in Fire of the Covenant. I wanted to share those with my readers so they can see where all the action takes place… in just about two to three months (bet you can’t wait).

Below you will find a map of the island of Taran, the land where Fire of the Covenant takes place. There are three kingdoms and a nomadic plains called The Open Lands. You will also see local maps for the kingdoms of Cainwen and Franchon, in the southern half of Taran. In future books the maps will be expanded to include local maps for the Kingdom of Haldane and also The Open Lands, along with more details about the mainland, Kieran. But for now you will have to just be satisfied with drooling over Taran 🙂 I hope you enjoy the below and, PLEASE, I would love comments on the maps. Oh, if you click on each map it will bring up a larger version of the map.

TARAN Regional Map




  1. Beautiful!

    Has Holly seen these?

    I really love maps in fantasy books because I’m already dealing with strange creatures and systems of magic. It’s nice to know where all this is taking place! You have great names for the places on the map, too. :)TX

    • Thanks Tex, I feel the same way — one reason I did it. And no, I have not shown them to Holly, not sure if she likes to see stuff like that. Thanks for checking in and letting me know what you thought. It is really appreciated.

  2. Agreed – these maps are fantastic! Did you draw them? Or are you having someone else draw them from your concepts? Either way I’m very impressed. 🙂

    • I actually did these maps myself (even surprising myself). Once I completed them I had a little help from a guy I met on a Forum for the software I was using. He helped me clean it up a little, though I did about 90% of the work. I will still need to give him credit in the book 🙂 Glad you liked them.

      • I have looked at that before. The other mapping software I have toyed with is “Autorealm”, which is free. I am not quite at the point where I am ready to get myself distracted with a pretty mapping tool, but when I do, I am seriously considering the one you used, especially given the fact that you were able to find online help when you needed it.

  3. Those maps are gorgeous. I would love to know how you did them. Are you willing to tell us your secret?

    • I used a program called Profantasy Campaign Cartographer III. It is based on FastCad. A while back I had a little experience with things like AutoCad and other design programs (when I say a while back I mean like more than 20 years). So it took me about a week and nine tries to figure out the basics and then I was able to get a pretty good map. A guy I met through the Profantasy forums offered to help me clean it up a little. There were a couple of advanced functions I hadn’t been able to figure out yet. I could of probably gotten by with what I had, but his help just made it that much better.

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