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Willow – Part II Artist & Editor

What would the movie Psycho have been if the shower scene was accompanied by a Disney song. Or if you were watching a romantic movie and the theme from Jaws was played. At the same time, can you imagine the movie Jaws without the music. And when you hear that scary music playing you scream at the character on the screen “Don’t open the door!”. And of course they do.

Music is an integral part of our viewing pleasure. Even in the days of Silent Film, there was a piano player in the front of the theater playing appropriate music for the movie. I don’t think anyone will argue that music plays a critical element in what we see on the big and little screens.

But I don’t think a lot of people consider that music can be a critical part of your reading pleasure as well.

But before I get into that I wanted to talk about what made me think of this post. It had to do with the recent passing of Cory Monteith, who played Finn on the show Glee. I was at the gym working out this morning and listening to the playlist on my phone. Then a song came on that Cory and his onscreen girlfriend Lea Michele, Rachel sang. And yes, I have some Glee songs on my playlist. Below is a YouTube of the song.

It reminded me that Lea and Cory were not only onscreen romantic interest, but they were boyfriend and girlfriend in real life. As I listened to the song it brought tears to my eyes, though since I was in the gym I was able to cover it up pretending I was just wiping off sweat. When you think about what happened and then listen to the words, it really pulls at the heart. And makes me wonder how much Lea must be grieving. And many of the others on the show. Cory was reported to be the glue that held everything and everyone together. The ultimate good guy.

Here is a link to a YouTube video of the Lea and Cory singing the song on Glee. Highly recommended if you need a good cry. It is only about two minutes long. The actual song is about 4 ½ minutes and it is well worth listening to the whole thing. Here is another version, not video of them singing, but a good one nonetheless (the full song) Cory & Lea 4 1/2 minute video 

Okay you got me to cry, now what?” With a sniffle my Muse, Willow, just popped into the room.


No. I needed that.” She wipes away a tear, then plops down into her overstuffed leather chair.

Well I just wanted to share something that really struck me today. Sometimes a little thing can really hit you.”

She only nodded in reply.

Well I was talking about how music influences how we feel about movies and TV. The Glee song No Air is good example of what I was trying to say.” I knew I was taking a while to get to the point of the article, but sometimes the round-about way is the quickest way to make a point.

Can you get to the point!” The softness was gone, but I could still hear the strain in her voice.

She really is a softee at heart. Though you would never know it to talk to her.

Well writing, and especially reading, can be greatly affected by the music you may be listening to at the time.”

She tilted her head with one eye partially closed. “How so?”

Say you are reading a romance novel. You are going along really getting into the characters and the story. Then someone plays a Sex Pistols punk song. At times it might be great to listen to, but it really doesn’t go with what you are reading. But if you were listening to a collection of romantic songs, or at least soft music, that would probably enhance your reading experience.”

Do you truly think that?” She opens both eyes and I can see her question is serious.

Yes I do. If I am reading a good fantasy adventure there are a lot of songs that get me further into the book. Something like Celtic Women, Ena, soundtrack from Lord of the Rings, or a dozen other songs. Even a few from Nickelback and some other bands.”

Nickelback. Seriously?” She wasn’t buying it.

I nodded and gave her my best, yes I am telling the truth smile. “Yupper. Everyone’s taste is different and different songs impact them differently (that’s a mouthful :-)). What might make me enjoy a mystery novel may be different than what you would enjoy, but the point is that there are those songs that make whatever we’re reading feel more real, more intense, more enjoyable.

She still didn’t look convinced.

So I thought it would be a good idea to get other opinions. “Tell you what. We will ask some of our Readers what they think.”

Okay, let Willow and I know if you agree, disagree, and your own thoughts on the subject. We look forward to hearing from you.

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